Adjective Words to Describe Fabric – Cotton, Silk etc.

Fabric is a cloth or other material made by weaving together cotton, nylon, wool, silk, or other threads. Fabrics are used to make things like clothes, curtains, and bed sheets.

People commonly use the terms textile and fabric interchangeably. In most situations, the terms have the same meaning. However, there are subtle differences when experts use these words.

Textiles vs Fabrics vs Cloth

Any material with interwoven fibers, including geotextiles and carpets, are textiles. Anything we make by weaving, crocheting, or knitting is fabric. The material used for making garments is a fabric. Cloth we get after the fabric is processed. Hence, the words cloth and fabric are interchangeable.

Words to Describe Fabric

Following are some commonly used adjectives for describing Fabrics:

Woven Rich
Optical Blue
Flaccid Excess
Social Delicate
Whole Plain
Very Brown
Urban Sandy
Fine Lightweight
Entire Thick
Coarse Synthetic
Thin Smooth
Red Yellow
Grey Historic


Light Striped
Micaceous Laminated
Floral Anisotropic
Colorful Opaque
Silken Frayed
Tough Crisp
Decorative Obsolete
Folded Beige
Scrap Lacy
Orange Nubby
Stupendous Napped
Damp Doped
Costly Braided


Fiberglass Grained
Diaphanous Threadbare
Stately Clast
Soiled Planar
Spun Blended
Brocaded Majestic
Penetrative Breathable
Torn Orchestral
Durable Worn
Rubberized Inexpensive
Loose Leftover
Dyed Untreated
Transparent Hand Woven
Intricate Pinkish
Worsted Buff


Sturdy Luxurious
Gritty Slippery
Porous Flowered
Waterproof Tectonic
Shiny Frail
Flimsy Washable
Rotten Lustrous
Trim Tattered
Metamorphic Pebble
Multicolored Stained
Satiny Shredded
Oxidized Permeable
Un-dyed Rough
Gorgeous Pink
Slick Dense
Airy Printed
Fenestral Colored
Filmy Silky
Burnished Wet
Embroidered Reddish
Glossy Coated
Goodly Welded
Medium Expensive


Treated Stiff
Starched Seamless
Mylonitic Fragile
Sociocultural Granular
Coordinating Taut
Bleached Heavier
Sociopolitical Coloured
Padded Purple
Varnished Darker
Unbleached Gauzy
Plasmic Translucent
Twined Stretchy
Variegated Ribbed
Bulky Interwoven
Tenuous Contrapuntal
Shattered Scratchy

Summing Up!

One of your most valuable things is a high-quality fabric. Purchasing fabric for your outfit at the mall or online is undoubtedly one of your fashion habits. If you purchased an expensive one, you will undoubtedly want words to describe the fabric. These words will come in handy while discussing clothing and ensembles.

Whether the fabric you purchased is particularly soft or sparkly, you must utilize words to express your gratitude. Your appreciation for fabric reveals something about your personal style. It is, nevertheless, acceptable to be unclear about which phrases to use anytime you want to flaunt your new appearance. Adjective Words to Define a Fabric are provided to assist you with your Facebook or Instagram photo description.

Finally, you discovered adjective terms that would assist you in describing your new fabric. Although some may appear to be identical or related, it is advisable to select the most eye-catching fabric words to convey the elegance of your new fit. Remember to make a list of the words you read from above!

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