Adjective Words to Describe Sky

It is interesting because the sky can be so many different things to us, it can be big, beautiful and blue, or gray, with clouds and rain. It can also be full of stars, or it can be full of orange and red clouds at sunset or sunrise.

The reason the sky looks like so many different things is because what we see in the sky is really just a different kind of behavior of the massive layer of gas above our heads. That layer, which we call the atmosphere, is attached to our planet, Earth, by an invisible force called gravity, and we are subject to it. And depending on the time of day and the atmosphere, we will see things differently.

You may have noticed that the sky is very different between day and night, and the reason for that is the sun.

When it is daytime for us, the side of the Earth we are in is facing the sun, which means the amazing bright light produced by the sun blows our air. Sunlight is made of all the colors of the rainbow from red to blue, and our atmosphere is much better at transmitting blue light. That means that when the sunlight hits the sky, most of it is straight, but blue light shines everywhere! So as we sit under our gasoline, the atmosphere, we see lots of blue light coming in from all directions.

Words to Describe Sky

 Following are some common adjective words to describe skies:

Azure Angry Blissful Blazing
Banal Autumnal Moist Broad Blue
Calm Blue Beautiful Cold
Fading Brilliant Vibrant Glorious
Calm Burning Cloudy Glowing


Clean Clean Cold Golden
Cold Clear Lowering Great
Dazzling Cloud-Filled Distant Highest
Du Crowded Empty Hot
Eagle Eyed Crystal Harsh Lit
Frowning Dark Intense Low


Hard Eastern Lovely Windy Lurid
Hazy Gray Mid-Morning Murky
Intense Inclement Cloudless Native
Luminous Mottled Glaring Overcast
Once Bright Northern Pale Purple
Perfect Open Pink Quiet
Placid Pearl-Grey Shining Smiling
Pure Peerless Sparkle Stormy
Seamless Red Threatening Sullen


Smokeless Rosy Tired Turquoise
Sunny Star-Studded Sunny Upper
Vibrant Sun-Filled Weird Vaulted
Vivid Unclouded Whole White
Washed Out Warm Wild Yellow
Wintry Western    

At night, however, it’s a different story, as the sun is hidden behind the Earth, which means no sunlight to be scattered by our atmosphere. This makes the atmosphere mostly invisible to us, and we get to enjoy a beautiful sky full of stars.

This is the sky we all really look forward seeing.

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