Prepositions Words List with Examples in English

We at Englishbix help you to get familiar with the common preposition that you can make use while drafting a perfect content. You can also see the examples which would help you to understand how they are used in sentences.

List of Common Prepositions in English

Let’s have a look at list of preposition words used to express spatial or temporal relations between two other nearby word namely a noun or a pronoun.

Preposition WordSentence Example
AboutWhen I go to a meeting, I have to decide ahead of time what to bring, and I’m never sure about the weather or how formal people will be.
AboveIn a low-pressure system the warm front is the first to pass over. This occurs when warm air meets cold air and the warm air rises above it.
AcrossUnlike other demonstrations across the country, these were trouble-free, with students behaving themselves.
AfterEventually, Hammond had to deliver the after-dinner speech, which didn’t please the crowds.
AgainstHe gathered her against him, felt that she was as cold as ice as well, and held on to her tightly.
AlongThe saltwater helps your doctor remove the fat, and is suctioned out along with the fat.
AmongThough it were likely that, among many that were innocent, some should perish that were innocent.
AroundThe result is an effort that encompasses a multitude of styles, from funk and soul to stirring ballads constructed around strong melodies.
AtThe teacher looked at what they were looking at and laughing at and told them to hush up so he could start class.
BeforeWhen his turn came to speak, Jacob pushed his feet as far as he could under his desk before he started.
BehindThe air behind a warm front is generally warmer and moister than the air ahead of it.
BelowThe temperature plummeted to below zero, enough to make one’s teeth chatter!
BeneathThis eliminates the pipe and clamps beneath the driver’s seat used ever since the teams abandoned dual water radiators.
BesidesI want a strong man to walk beside me at the water’s edge as the sun sets into the ocean.
BetweenAs someone who has lived in both, I can assure you that there is a world of difference between the two conditions.
ByThe formal approach is met by a checkerboard garden of green boxwood and gray artemisia.
DownShe looked haughty and stuck-up, her face disdainful as she looked down at me.
DuringThe match was abandoned when rain washed out a play during the lunch interval.
ExceptAll steps and marchings executed from a halt, except the right step, begin with the left foot.
ForThe real kicker for this cover is its silvery, holographic pattern of a butterfly’s wing as a background to the larger white silhouette.
FromDepleted uranium is an extremely dense substance derived from enriched uranium.
InMany birds like to feed in open areas but need protective cover to roost, nest, and raise their young.
InsideI packed a small suitcase, throwing my clothes inside it without any manner of care.
Instead ofMore and more birds are losing chicks and returning to nest the following year instead of skipping a year.
IntoThey may outlive their friends who can give insights into their achievements and character.
LikeHe looked over at her, her eyes like hard chips of granite, sparkling with the light from the fire but remaining hard.
NearHer plan is based on the underlying assumption that the economy will improve in the near future.
OfAdie, of course, is a bit of a trooper, experienced in making the best of difficult situations.
OffThe front part is used for carving the lines and the back end for scratching off whole areas.
OnThe evolution of popular music and artists appearing in film began when silent films depended on piano playing for audio appeal.
OntoHe had told us he felt nervous about the performance, but he seemed perfectly composed when he walked onto the stage.
On top ofThe design also has two pinions on top of the grader’s saddle for superior support.
Out of

His attorney has been hunting for a loophole that would allow him to get out of the deal.

OutsideShe put on her coat, hat, and gloves, and then she went outside.
OverThe aircraft then flies over its customers, airdrops its supplies, and returns empty to the source takeoff site for another mission.
PastHe came at the bull with a knife after having had a history of violence against other bulls and committing homicide in the past.
SinceThe store has lost a significant amount of business since the factory closed.
ThroughShe picks me up on her motorbike, and we chat as we zoom through the terrible Athens traffic.
ToBut on my drive back uptown I saw that on every block there seemed to be a homeless person.
TowardHis months spent researching prison life gave him greater empathy towards convicts.

This slave stood tall, so tall, healthy and strong, skin bronzed beautifully under the hot sun.

UnderneathBegin the series by coming on to all fours with the wrists underneath the shoulders and the knees underneath the hips.
UntilEveryone thought she was well until a sudden relapse sent her back to the hospital.
UpThe prosecuting counsel held up two vicious-looking, cut-throat razors for everyone in a packed Kingston Magistrates’ court to see.
UponThat night, the carpetmaker closed his shop, piled his most precious wares upon a single camel, and left Baghdad.
WithThe migrants got along under the colonial regimes, dealing with powers as they found them.
WithinMany of these towns were survivors of earlier Etruscan, Umbrian and Roman towns that had existed within the Roman Empire.

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Make sure you carefully use these words to define the position of an object. Save this list for your future reference and refer to it whenever you have a confusion related to common preposition words.

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