Adjective Words to Describe a Baby

Babies are always cute and very adorable. We love them because they are full of positive vibes and have a different perspective to view the world. It would be really interesting when you try to describe a baby and fail miserably.

It happens because you are unable to use the right words or adjectives that will help to describe their cuteness. Besides the right adjective words, you must know how to frame the right sentence in English so that it sounds perfect.

Adjective Words to Describe Baby

Given below is the list of adjective words that you can use to describe a newborn baby.

Adorable Fancy Delightful Charming
Cute Jolly Little Tiny
Clumsy Adaptable Affectionate Amiable
Attentive Awesome Calm Caring


Compassionate Curious Energetic Enthusiastic
Flexible Free-spirited Friendly Fun-loving
Graceful Honest Happy Joyful
Kind Loving Merry Open-hearted



Playful Warm Vibrant Young
Sparkling Wondrous Beautiful Wonderful
admirable alluring angelic appealing
beauteous bewitching charming classy

Example Sentences That Will Help You In Understanding the Right Use Of The Descriptive Words for A Baby:

#1 the hospital was full of cute and adorable babies. You would definitely love to watch them for hours together. 

#2 A woman in the shopping mall has a little baby in her arms. We could see a lot of young kids trying to help her. 

#3 A charming baby has changed its expressions within a few seconds. They can easily sense the positive and negative vibes they get from people. 

#4 A Competition for all the little babies is held downtown. You can see a parent have dressed their beautiful babies in different dresses for the competition. 


Learning about adjective words gives you hands-on experience to understand the meaning of each word and how to use them in English sentences. You can keep practicing the aforementioned adjective words for describing a baby and use them wherever you require. 

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