Positive Adjectives Words to Describe Children & Little Kids

We have been working on all sorts of adjectives. But there is something that might have forgotten. Yes, it is the list of adjectives to describe children and little kids. With the other adjectives there are many characteristics of children that are usually undervalued by adults. But this time when you find yourself thinking about your kids, there would be a lot of positive words that would be helping you to describe your kids.

Appreciate and Encourage Your Kids to Help them Grow

Today we would be sharing a comprehensive list of positive adjectives for children like . You cannot just end the conversation by using those common words as “well-behaved” or “cute” or “ handsome”. It is very important to take notice of all those qualities that you claim to value among the adults can also be helpful and encouraging for children.

It is always a positive thing to praise your kids when they are doing their best. For instance, they are being quite for a call, coloring inside the lines, completing homework on time. We have also observed that we constantly praise our kids on their looks but forget to do the same for their personality and their behavior.

Positive Adjective Words to Describe Your Kids Behavior & Qualities

This small list will help you to get your thoughts sorted and then complete your work. Only then you would be able to know the significance of innovation, determination, and authenticity.

Being a parent it must be important for you to make your child feel confident and happy all the time. They should never go into a phase of self-doubt and hence these words would come handy to you in those times.


Here are few amazing words with their meaning and sentence examples.

1. Determined: Being determined on something shows that you have made a firm decision.


  • It was a true fact that my big mouth made him all the more determined.
  • It was his determined gaze that finally shifted to her face.
  • We all noticed that Vikrant winced and then took a determined step in her direction.

2. Encouraging: The English definition of encouraging is something that gives hope.


  • We were watching for some encouraging sign while he was on the stage.
  • John stroked her hair and asked her softly, encouraging her to close her eyes and relax.
  • We knew that it was something we simply can’t afford, that’s one thing, but we should be encouraging things like this, Alex.

3. Delightful: The definition of the word delightful is to show that someone or something that is charming or that causes happiness and joy. Example

  • We knew it would be a delightful
  • Maya always found it fun cooking for Mayank as it was delightful talking to him while she was cooking.
  • The water of the Dudhsagar waterfall felt delightful.
  • We could see his hands working on the colors and drawings in a very delightful way.

4. Intellectual: The basic meaning of the word Intellectual is someone or something that is rational rather than emotional. For Example:

  • It was all about the Italian artist and man of letters in an age of singular intellectual brilliancy tasted or hoped to taste of his bounty.

5. Articulate: If you wish to know the definition of articulate then it is someone who is capable of speaking easily and clearly, and is most often referred to as someone who is well-spoken.

  • Mitra has also thought that man lived in America before he acquired articulate speech.
  • It was very obvious that his first subject was Aryabhatta, a scientist and mathematician, whom he taught to enunciate the letters of the alphabet and to articulate certain ordinary phrases.



It was really great to know about all the adjectives that were used to describe the personality of children. With this, your kids would be motivated to work more in the future. It will also help them to stay happy and fun-loving all the time. For more updates, you can stay tuned to the EnglishBix website.


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