Personality Adjective Words to Describe a Person

In the English language, we have been learning about some of the really good adjectives which are helping us in maintaining the vocabulary with some positive words. So in this session, we would be bringing up some words that would be very useful in describing the personality or character traits with examples. It will help you to understand the exact usage of the words. With these personality adjectives, you would be able to describe yourself and other people in English.


You can use these words to describe the personality of a child, women and men.

Personality Adjective Words to Describe Someone

In this list, you would be learning positive adjectives to describe the qualities of a person. These characteristics define the personality of an individual.

Anxious Naughty Stubborn Sensitive
Intelligent Nice Emotional Bad-tempered
Nervous Mean Distracted Dishonest
Rude Discreet Crazy Cheeky
Cheerful Optimistic Passionate Lively
Energetic Unpleasant Proud Funny
Untidy Talkative Sincere Silly
Pessimistic Calm Lazy Shy
Determined Versatile Sociable Worried
Thoughtful Humble Friendly Frank
Obedient Honest Fearless Unfriendly
Generous Compassionate Warm-hearted Disobedient
Straightforward Jealous Sensible Bossy
Selfish Helpful Rational Plucky
Imaginative Enthusiastic Reserved Patient
Placid Persistent Self-confident Impatient
Easygoing Careless Messy Hard-working
Creative Broad-minded Faithful Kind
Courageous Loyal Modest Tidy
Confident Attentive Loving Reliable
Scared Gentle Impartial Brave
Conscientious Neat Supportive Ambitious
Good-tempered Dynamic Timid Polite
Careful Fair-minded Intellectual Happy
Romantic Diplomatic Courteous Humorous
Self-disciplined Popular Smart Serious
Hypocritical Adventurous Repulsive Thoughtless
Skinny Wonderful Uptight Muscular
Attractive Bald Beautiful Chubby
Dazzling Drab Elegant Clean
Fancy Fit Flabby Glamorous
Gorgeous Handsome Magnificent Muscular
Plain Plump Scruffy Shapely
Stocky Unkempt Unsightly Skinny
Aggressive Grumpy Mysterious Panicky
Scary Jealous Helpless Clumsy
Shallow Sharp Shiny Short
Silky Silly Slimy Slippery
Smiling Smooth Smug Soggy
Splendid Steady Spicy Sparkling

Positive Personality Adjectives to Describe a Person

We have listed some commonly used personality adjectives to explain the characteristics of a person.

1. Adaptable: A person who is capable of adjusting in a particular situation or getting used to it. (If you can understand then, the people who are adaptable have the ability to overcome changes easily).

Example: It was observed that when maggie’s parents got divorced, she proved to be very adaptable. Even though it was not easy for her, but she managed it wonderfully.

2. Adventurous: It is used for the person who is willing to take the daring steps. (It is a common fact that most of the adventurous people always seek fun and risk in life. They consistently work on something new that would scare everyone.

Example: The famous book on travel found that adventurous people love to travel and try new foods at a restaurant.

3. Affectionate: A feeling of warmth of the love and care.

Example: Kids when snuggle next to their moms, they feel the love and affection towards her.

4. Ambitious: The word generally means to have a strong desire for achieving success.  (You would be well aware of the fact that an ambitious person tries to get ahead in life at every step. They do not stop but keep looking for opportunities which can improve the purpose of their life.

Example: Being ambitious bring positivity in your life. But while doing so one must make sure that you are not hurting anyone to get what you want.

5. Amiable: A word that is used to describe a person who is capable of diffusing warmth and friendliness among others.

You might have noticed that most of the amiable people are affable. They possess qualities like kindness and friendliness.

6. Compassionate: A person who shows sympathy and understand other’s feelings. (this person is capable of understanding the strong feeling of another person and feels like a strong sadness when they a one is in trouble. 

If you are a compassionate person then you would try to work on things that ease the suffering of others.

7. Considerate: When a person shows concern about another person or worries about the rights and feeling of others then we can use the word considerate to describe him or her. They always look out for other people.

Example: We saw a group of people who would be willing to have other people have the piece of your pie. They are ready to hold the door open for another person.

8. Courageous: A person who is ready to face all the challenges and ready to deal with difficult situations.

Example: John is a really courageous boy. He was brave enough to rescue the people from the burning building. You would have seen him climbing the floors and getting the people safe.

9. Courteous: A personality trait that shows a person who is very polite and has gracious good manners.

Example: You would find that courteous people are always using polite and magic words because they know the significance of those words.

10. Devoted: It is a strong adjective that is used for someone who shows a lot of loyalty and devotion to a task, person or purpose.

Example: He devoted his life to his study.

11. Determined: Being determined on something shows that you have made a firm decision related to something and being resolved not to change it.

Example: He is determined to carry out his plan.

12. Energetic: This word is used for people who show a lot of activity or vitality. It is mainly used for someone who is always on his toes to complete a task or purpose.

Example: She is remarkably energetic for a woman her age.

These describing words or adjectives would be very positive as well they would encouraging and help people to know their true value. Use these words to help others see their positive side and let them know how wonderful they are.

You must have observed that most of the personality and character traits are very subjective for example you can see the word “Energetic” can be used to a positive personality trait and also as an encouraging word.

Keep exploring EnglishBix to learn more words and improve your vocabulary.

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