Adjectives of Quantity with Examples

It is well-known that adjectives describe the quality or quantity of a noun or function word. Adjectives of amount illustrate the approximate amount of a noun or function word. It needs to be noted that it doesn’t tell the precise quantity or range of a noun or function word, but the only real amount. they’re used once a precise range isn’t needed. 

Examples of Adjectives of Quantity

Here is a list of commonly used adjectives of quantity.

Whole Most Numerous A lot 
Enough Heavy Single Too 
Little Empty Substantial Many 
All Great Hundreds Heavy 
Hundred Couple Sparse Double 
No Sparse Each Lots of 
Some Much Full Little bit 
Sufficient Insufficient Plenty of Several 
Any Abundant Enough Half 
FewLight Couple Less 

Having learnt some quantity adjectives, let’s now check how they are used while writing a sentence.

Sentences Using Quantity Adjectives

  • The boy had eaten the full cake. 
  • You have enough garments for a two-month trip. 
  • She is aware of little concerning condiment dance. 
  • All the notebooks are checked by the teacher. 
  • No one desires to style the mango ice-cream.
  • I can have some milk when dinner. 
  • She has ready comfortable notes to induce through the test.
  • Any new amendment isn’t simply accepted by individuals. 
  • She possesses support from her husband during her life.
  • There were many farmers who took part in the protest. 
  • She has very little concern for poverty-stricken individuals. 
  • There are not any biscuits within the bowl. 
  • Add some rice to my plate.
  • Is there any student within the class? 
  • Most of the women love ice-cream. 
  • He scanned all the books in his program. 
  • Only a number of migratory birds were seen close to the lake. 
  • She enjoys having a lot of sweets.
  • He said no to any fritters.
  • She has bought many new jeans.
  • We have abundant books for everyone.
  • I can have light sugar in my tea.
  • We had a heavy breakfast. 
  • He is full of lies. 
  • There were many errors in his project. 
  • Numerous individuals attended the marriage perform.

You have now learnt the use of quantity adjectives efficiently. Try using them in your routine sentences. For more practice and learning, find our adjectives of quantity worksheets at EnglishBix. 

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