10 Types of Adjectives with Examples in English

In this adjectives guide you will have a look at the most common types of adjectives along with their use in sentences.

Let us start with an example sentence – “That’s a massive palace with an outstanding interior finishing”. Now remove the italicized words, what would be left?

“That’s a palace with an interior finishing”. Now, just observe the difference between these two sentences. The former one describes the palace of how it really looks like and the later one is just like a raw sentence without any describing words. So what are these words called as? It is – “A word that describes a noun is said to be known as an adjective.” Now from the sentence mentioned above, there are two adjectives, namely, massive and outstanding. Now how to find them in any types of sentence. Here is a pro tip, anything that describes of how an object or a place or a person is, will be called as an adjective. Let’s consider,

  • “Small puppy is better than that big cat”

Now, what does this sentence says? The puppy which is small is better than that big cat. So it’s telling how is the puppy and the cat. So adjectives here would be small and big. As it’s talking about how they look like. So some of the adjectives would be:

  • She’s a beautiful girl
  • It’s my lucky ring
  • It was an ugly show

As it can be seen that adjectives have a prominent role and more significance in the sentences. All the adjectives aren’t identical. They are categorized into various ways, so as to have a vivid picture about them. Let’s have a look!

There are an ocean of adjectives so it would be difficult to just directly identify them. So it would be a good option to classify them, so that it will be much more simpler to identify them. Below are some of the major types of adjectives –

1. Quantitative Adjectives

Quantitative adjective describes or gives the quantity of noun or something. To be precise, it provides the information regarding “how many?” like the count.


  • “How many candies do you own?” “I only have a single candy dude”
  • It’s an appreciative effort by the whole Indian team
  • I did five variations of ab workouts at the gym today.
  • There are nine planets in the solar system.
  • Half of our class has scored more good marks.

2. Demonstrative Adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives are used to specify or indicate pronouns like “that”, “this”, “these”, “those”. Indirectly, they are used to point out the nouns or other objects.


  • I love those paintings.
  • These chargers are of good quality.
  • Shane teaches in that class.

3. Descriptive Adjectives

Descriptive adjectives are like the general one’s which describe both nouns and pronouns. That is they are typical “adjectives” in general.


  • The awesome PlayStation 4 possess advanced graphic features.
  • The small puppy was found yesterday.
  • You look smart in blue suit.

4. Interrogative Adjectives

Interrogative adjectives specify the question types regarding wh’s like “what?”, “which?”, “whose?”. It’s important to know that these can be found before nouns or pronouns.


  • Which song shall I play on the speaker?
  • What type of dress do you want?
  • Whose book is this?

5. Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives describe where does the object belong to. So they shows the literal pronoun usage in the sentence.


  • “Whose book is that?” That’s mine.
  • “Where’s my wallet?”
  • Take care of your belongings.

6. Articles as Adjectives

Articles are also used a adjectives because they clearly specify the nouns which are particular or a general one. A, an, the are the articles.


  • The pencils are broken.
  • An escalator was very long.
  • You must consult a psychologist.

7. Distributive Adjectives

Distributive adjectives are used to point out or specify a particular type of objects or members. Like, ever, either, or, neither etc.


  • Every student in that class is a topper.
  • You can need to collect each and every coin in the game.
  • John must paint on either side of the sheet.

8. Indefinite Adjectives

Indefinite adjectives are used if something’s neither accurate nor definite about the count of the objects. Like some, many, much etc..


  • There are so many books in the library.
  • You shouldn’t talk much in the interview
  • There are many politicians involved in this issue.

In the above mentioned content, some important categories have been mentioned. As it is impossible to just pick up the adjectives, the types have been given. Remember one thing, it’s that adjectives play a vital role in terms of grammar. Because, it not only increases the sentence’s impression but also provides a good and an effective look for the readers. There are enormous words out there, so the mentioned type would guide you correctly.

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