15 Adjective Words Related to Period of Time Duration

We have got a nice list of 15 adjective words you can use to specify a period of time. These words will also help you help you describe time taken or time duration whenever you want to compare two people, objects or process.

  1. Quick
  2. Rapid
  3. Short
  4. Modern
  5. Old
  6. Old-Fashioned
  7. Fast
  8. Late
  9. Long
  10. Ancient
  11. Brief
  12. Early
  13. Slow
  14. Swift
  15. Young

Let us now learn How to use these words in sentences and while we speak :

For Example : “He is really fast”, “This is an Ancient stone”, “I like working slowly”.

You don’t have to worry If you aren’t able to remember all these time period words, You can use this list as a reference till the time you master these time adjectives and get used to writing them in sentences or speaking.

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