50+ Comparative and Superlative Adjectives Examples for Kids

We have a tabular representation of original adjective words, along with the forms that these adjectives take in comparative and superlative mode.

You should know how to use these adjective forms if you want to  improve your English writing and speaking skills, because they give you a way to compare objects.

Now, let’s look at some words and see they are modified in their other forms.

Examples of Comparative and Superlative Adjectives

Following are list of adjectives with their two different forms, I could find after scouring the web. If you see any missing or want to suggest some, let me know in the comments.

Original form Comparative Form
Superlative Form
Fast faster Fastest
Bold bolder Boldest
Cruel crueler Cruelest
calm calmer calmest
Clear clearer clearest
Deep deeper deepest
dark darker darkest
Dumb dumber dumbest
Fierce fiercer fiercest
fat fatter fastest
Grave graver gravest
Gross grosser grossest
Humble humbler humblest
Harsh harsher harshest
High higher highest
Lazy lazier laziest
Mean meaner meanest
Proud prouder proudest
Plain plainer plainest
Raw rawer rawest
Rude ruder rudest
Ripe riper ripest
Sharp sharper sharpest
Sad Sadder Saddest
Safe safer safest
Simple simpler simplest
Short shorter shortest
Wild wilder wildest
Wise wiser wisest
Angry angrier angriest
Funny funnier funniest
Bloody bloodier bloodiest
Dirty dirtier dirtiest
Deadly deadlier deadliest
Hungry hungrier hungriest
Juicy juicier juiciest
Lively livelier liveliest
Silly sillier silliest
Sunny sunnier sunniest
Milky milkier milkiest
Noisy noisier noisiest
Naughty naughtier naughtiest
Rusty rustier rustiest
Spicy spicier spiciest
Worthy worthier worthiest

Apart from the adjectives we discusses above we have some different types too. Those adjectives which take the word ‘most’ before it’s superlative form and the original word remains the same.

Original Form Comparative Form Superlative form
Clever more clever most clever
Polite more polite most polite
Beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
Sexy more sexy most sexy
Difficult more difficult most difficult
Modern more modern most modern
Interesting more interesting most interesting

Look how we are using the same original word in the comparative and superlative from. To understand how these adjectives take different form you must understand the formation rules.

Download the following image to help you quickly revise some of the words and their comparative and superlative adjective forms.

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