Cumulative Sentence Definition With Examples

A summary sentence is an independent clause followed by a series of sub-phrases or phrases that collect information about a person, place, event, or concept.

In other words, a collective sentence, also known as a “loose sentence”, is a sentence that begins with an independent clause or a key clause. This independent or essential clause provides the basic idea in a simple, direct way.

Usage of Cumulative Sentences

One way to use this type of sentence effectively is to explain ideas. In explaining ideas, it is often suggested that you introduce the main idea at the beginning of the sentence. After introducing a main idea, it is suggested that you add more details to prove your main idea.

How to Write a Cumulative Sentence

Collection sentences are useful in a variety of situations. It can be used in a practical field such as books and lessons, but it is also useful for expressing your thoughts in unusual situations such as talking to your friend, parents, coworkers, etc.

We will give you a complete, step-by-step guide to teach you how to make a growing sentence well.

1. Know the fundamentals of a cumulative sentence.

By this, we are referring to the meaning, structure, etc., basically, anything about this type of sentence.

2. Create a message.

Creating a message is not writing, you can just think of the idea of ??the sentence you want to write. Therefore, in developing a message, keep it as short as possible and make sure you understand your point of view.

3. Apply the cumulative sentence structure.

By definition, the structure of a growing sentence begins with an independent clause and is followed by subheadings or changes. To help you understand further, an independent clause is a stand-alone section as a simple sentence because it contains the subject and the adverb and expresses the whole idea.

Examples of Cumulative Sentences

  1. I went to the mall yesterday, bought shirts and bags, and ate at the newly-opened restaurant.
  2. I could tell my father is mad from his silence and indifference towards us.
  3. You can pass the exam with good study habits and good night sleep.
  4. She decided to major in nursing, even though she really wanted to study architecture or engineering.
  5. Alisha cut classes without telling anyone from her circle of friends and family.
  6. We soon became fond of each other, due to our love for books and the mysterious aura he exudes.
  7. Mia made some great do-it-yourself project videos on her YouTube channel, including a video on life hacks.
  8. The spoiled baby started crying when she didn’t get her toys and milk at the usual time.
  9. Her husband was elated when he held their baby for the first time after his wife gave birth.
  10. He finally completed his assignment after a long day of meetings and a long night of hard work.

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