50+ Two Letter Phonics Words for Kindergarten Kids

This page gives you a substantial list of 2-Letter words that have been recognized by popular Dictionaries. Today we are going to learn simple two letter words which teachers and parents can use to teach their kids.

Here we have a comprehensive list of basic 2-letter words for kindergarten and preschool children which includes Ox (a bullock in Australia and India), oh (used to express an emotion such as surprise), and Ad (a short form for an advertisement), as well as many more well-known words.

Two Letter Phonics Words for Kids


Let us have a look at common two letter words along with their sentence examples:

WordSentence Examples
ABThose are nice abs.
ADIt is a movie ad
AMI am a good player
ANI have an apple
ASI will do as you say
ATLook at me
BEBe my friend
DODo not go alone
GOGo home and get your books
HEHe went out with his friends
HII said hi to my visiting friend
IFYou can go if you want
INI am in my car
ISHe is running fast
ITIt is a bit cold outside
MEHe visit me to my house
MYI love my country
NOI said no to my friend
OFOf course
OHOh he fell badly
OKI am ok with him
ONLet us meet on Monday
ORAbout ten or twenty minutes before
OXOx is an animal
SOSo I think you must go now
UPHe gets up early in the morning
USBoth of us went together to the school
WEWe went to the market

We hope children quickly learn these easy words. To make it more fun you can make use of two-letter words worksheets specially designed for this purpose.

  1. Two Letter Words Activity Workbook
  2. Lesson Plan on 2 Letter Words
  3. Two Letter Words Writing Worksheet

Till then Stay tuned to EnglishBix! for more vocabulary resources.

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