Examples of Concluding Sentences for Essays and Paragraphs

While reading any blog or article, you usually read about the summaries, gist, or conclusion. Conclusions are an important part of any contextual writing. It helps in summarizing all the essential points of the topic. For instance, if you are reading a blog of 2000 to 3000 words, it is easy to forget what was given in the very first section. Conclusions come into the picture when you use such long content. Through this article, we will be learning about the conclusion sentences and how they can be implemented in paragraphs and essays. 

What is a Concluding Sentence?

The concluding sentence indicates that it brings the closing of the paragraph. Writing a concluding sentence may not be as easy as you think. Many writers fail to see that it closes the last thoughts on the subject they are writing on. That is why it is important to be able to write effective conclusion sentences. In each paragraph, the reader should be able to see that your main points are in the conclusion sentence.

Features Of Concluding Sentence:

  • Review important points made in the paragraph
  • Found at the end of the paragraph
  • Do not add new ideas or topics
  • Use Linking words to show the conclusion

Concluding Sentences for Different Types of Writings

You can use concluding sentences in the narrative section. In the narration phase, the concluding sentence will emphasize the moral of the lesson. It is easy for the audience to explain and make them understand. 

Descriptive Paragraph: Here, you can use the concluding sentence to extract the summary of the entire content. You need to get the details from the content, and the topic by using different words. You need to use the supporting facts along with the concluding sentence. 

Comparative Paragraph: You can use concluding sentences in the comparative paragraphs and non-comparable paragraphs. You need to identify the similarities and differences between the content and form a concluding sentence. 

The concluding sentence in the argument section will summarize the argument being made. It can also determine why the argument is correct and the consequences that could result if the argument is ignored.

Phrases to Start Concluding Sentences

Concluding sentences can begin with phrases such as In conclusion, ” So, ‘and’ For this reason. ‘

Following are some other phrases you can use to start a concluding sentence:

  • In conclusion
  • For this reason
  • Therefore
  • As a Result
  • Overall
  • Thus
  • In general
  • In conclusion
  • Finally
  • Lastly

The above are known as temporary expressions, which help the reader to understand that we are referring to something from the paragraph or finishing a paragraph. One thing we should ensure is not to announce the concluding sentence.

Examples of Concluding Sentences

These are some of the best examples of concluding sentences you can use in different stylings. 

  • A concluding sentence has the ability to reform the discussion in varied different ways.

Example: Clearly, you will find a deep and significant correlation between the consumption of tobacco and health risks that denotes making the substance illegal.

  • You can use concluding sentences for providing an overview of the main points of a summary or paragraph.

Example: You can use Marijuana with tobacco in the US as it is legal and popular there. It has widespread abuse and it makes it difficult for people to reach out to the police. 

  • Concluding sentences are used for stating different ways to visualize the future. 

Example: – Are you looking forward to the future of Marijuana?  In the future, you cannot use Marijuana as a recreational drug. But many doctors use it for research purposes in the medical field.

  • You can use a concluding statement or sentence to understand the author’s opinion and stance on the subject. 

Example: – Marijuana can easily become an addictive drug. Therefore, you should not make it accessible to the general public. 

  • Sociological essays can include concluding sentences. You can use it to justify the point or opinion of the author. The basic use of a concluding sentence is to inform people of actions they can or should take.

Example: – Marijuana has health benefits. But to provide it to the patient, you will need to write to the political party representative.


Understanding concluding sentences is essential while you are learning English. It is one of the basic concepts that you need in every stage. Whether you are a content writer, a columnist, an author, or an academic writer, concluding sentences are important for everyone. This article will help you in understanding the nature and usage of the concluding sentences. 

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