100+ Finance and Banking Vocabulary Words List – A to Z

Life is a road to cross which, one needs a financial cart. Everyone has to search for an income source to meet all the expenses of life. The standards of life carry many bullet points.

Today we are going to discuss some important terms which are important for your personal financial knowledge like wealth, saving, balance, deduction, loan etc.

Banking and Financial Terms Vocabulary

You might use an extensive list of vocabulary given below as a helping hand.

Account HELOC Wealth Banknote Share
ATM ARM Signature card Cashier Statement mutual
Balance Payer Saving account Petty cash Deduction
Bank Penalty Bankrupt Lend Save
Bounced Principle Credit scores Currency Consumer
Budget Routing number Interest Principle overdraft
Checkbook Savings number Collateral Payment Finance
Credit card Savings Credit report Gross income Co-sign
Debit card Treasury Amortization Sales tax Annual
Deposit withdraw Loan free Property tax Down payment
Dividend Counterfeit Mobile banking Recession Copay
Endorse Cash Loan application Inflation Compound interest
Fees stocks Overdraft Bear market Premium
Investment Teller Fore closure Bull market Wholesale price
Lender Bank manager Disclosures Index Rebate
Loan Bank account Net income Refund Tax withheld
Money Order Investment banker Appraisal Fixed Insurance
Mutual fund Receptionist Interest Register Deductible
Overdraft Mortgage Annuity Policy Markup
Payee Reward Manage Checking Risk

So, I hope you get new words and a clear idea of what is the importance of bank and finance in one’s life. Now, it is your turn to put down your thoughts and experiences.

In The Bank Experience

I want to be a banker. Banking is what lead me to my financial cart. By chance, I was blessed with a six-month internship in any bank near me. It was a great chance for me to collect some chunks of experience. It was a sunny day, I was in the bank. It was my first day. The manager advised me to do everything by the book.

That day, my duty was to observe keenly what are the basic functions that a unit bank performs for its customers. My heart was in my mouth when I was in the bank. Suddenly, I saw the first person entering the bank. He took a cheque from his pocket and gave it to the cashier. He counted his money before leaving. Meanwhile, another customer was in, he wanted to open an account. The manager this time dealing with the person.

All the requirements when set, the manager asked the person for the debit card. He agreed to have it. During this happening, a lady entered in the bank, she demanded her chequebook from the manager. The bank manager was dealing with all customers with good ease. This job was far cry from what I expected. After that, an old man entered the bank, he wanted to get a mortgage.

It is a loan that banks give to those who want to have a home for them. During which a boy entered the bank, he was with his income. He wanted to deposit it into his account. He took deposited slip entered all on it and went ahead. He also asked for his account balance. So, all these and other activities like that happened throughout the day. Then I realized bank is the financial unit of any society. I was pleased to have this internship.

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