Halloween Vocabulary Words For Kids – A to Z

This autumn season, you would love to learn some Halloween words. This would be a fun and interesting exercise to incorporate some funny and scary words to your kid’s vocabulary list.

These words can be used in charades, story-writing, and also word searches. And some other fun activities. It will bring a twist in the educational vocabulary. You can also use these spooky words to describe Halloween.

Halloween Vocabulary Words

Following is a list of common words related to Halloween festival:

All Hallows’ Eve Lantern Prank
Costume Make-believe Sweets
Darkness Monster Shadows
Decorations Moonlight Spiderweb
Disguise Night Supernatural
Dress-up October Superstition
Holiday Orange Thirty-first
Jack-o’-lantern Party Trick or treat


Acorn Gourd Pumpkin
Autumn Harvest Scarecrow
Cornmaze Hayride Squash
Crop Leaves Squirrel
Crow Plow Turkey


Bat Hound Raccoon
Bug Owl Spider
Cat Rat Tarantula
Crow Snake Worm


Animal Orc Queen
Cartoon character Pirate Superhero
Fairy Pixie Vampire
King Prince Warlock
Ninja Princess Werewolf


Apple Fangs Mask
Candy Flashlight Nighttime
Cloak Goodies Safety
Costume Gown Treat bag
Doorbell Hat Wig
Face paint Makeup Yummy


Alien Giant Vampire
Boogeyman Goblin Villain
Cyclops Mummy Warlock
Extraterrestrial Mutant Werewolf
Ghost Shapeshifter Witch
Ghoul Troll Zombie


Addams Family Frankenstein Maleficent
Beetlejuice Great Pumpkin Scooby-Doo
Casper Harry Potter Spookley, the Square Pumpkin
Cruella de Vil Headless Horseman Ursula
Dracula Jack Skellington Voldemort


Alarming Fear Scary
Bloodcurdling Frighten Shocking
Boo Goosebumps Spine-chilling
Chilling Hair-rising Spooky
Creepy Horrify Startling
Eek Nightmare Unnerving
Eerie Petrified Wicked
Boogers Mucus Revolting
Goo Ooze Rotten
Gory Pus Slimy
Icky Repulsive Snot


Blood Eyeballs Heart
Bones Femur Lungs
Brain Fingernails Skeleton
Cadaver Guts Skull
Apparition Ectoplasm Phantom
Cemetery Ghastly Poltergeist
Coffin Ghoul Reanimated
Corpse Graveyard Spectral
Crypt Haunted house Spirit
Dead Other-wordly Tombstone
Battling Creeping Pretending
Bobbing Dancing Raking
Breaking Decorating Scaring
Bulging Partying Slithering
Bursting Dribbling Sneaking
Carving Fluttering Sparkling
Crawling Grinning Tricking


Bellowing Creaking Screaming
Bubbling Hooting Yelling
Bumping Howling Thumping
Cackling Rattling Whooshing


Brew Hocus pocus Spellbook
Broom Ingredients Toad
Cackle Magic wand Warlock
Cauldron Potion Wicked
Enchant Spell Wizardry


Beaker Flask Petri dish
Boiling Goggles Test tube
Bunsen burner Graduated cylinder Thermometer
Experiment Lab coat Wires



Candy Corn Cupcakes Pie
Candied apple Deviled eggs Popcorn
Cotton candy Gummy Worms Punch

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