Long o_e Words Phonics List for Kids

O_E Phonics come under the category of long phonics sounds. It is basically when there is a consonant between an ‘o’ and an ‘e’. This adds an ‘o’ sound with the silenced ‘e’. For example, the word ‘robe’ is spelled with a consonant in between o and e, but, when it is said out loud, its pronunciation is ‘r-o-w-b’. Such words come under the list of the long o_e words phonics. These words also come to use in a lot of places.

Long O_E Sound Words List

So, here are some words from the long o_e phonics list with their examples as sentences:

HomeI will go home and then wash my feet.
GoneI went to meet him but he was already gone.
SmokeYou cannot smoke here, but you can go out.
RoseAlthough I love roses, I won’t pluck them.
ChooseI choose to go rather than staying.
NoseNeither octopuses nor butterflies have a nose.
HopeI hope that I get a high-paying but easy job.
LoveHe loves pizza but he is on a diet.
VoteThey need our votes so that they could win.
QuoteHe asked me to quote him but I did not.
SlopeAlthough there was a steep slope, we reached there.
BoneAdults have 206 bones but infants have 270 bones.
JokeIt was a joke but he took it seriously.

Summing up the Article

Thus, there are various applications of these words and they are used very commonly. So, these were the examples of the o_e phonics word list. Synthetic phonics like these should be practiced and pronounced so that it becomes easier to understand. This is a very useful method for practicing for beginners and other experience levels. Learning phonics is also one of the best ways to improve your reading comprehension skills.

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