Love Idioms & Phrases To Show Your Affection

Love is something that does not always require a medium to communicate. It can be expressed the way you spend your time with your loved ones or how to make them feel happy. And this is applicable for all the people out there.

This is possible not only when you have a girlfriend or boyfriend but also you can be affectionate towards your family and friends. Most of these love quotations and Idioms and phrases are used when the V day is around. It is the time when you see all the Archies shops are filled with cards, chocolates, flowers, and cute gifts articles. But what if you want to send a cute text in the morning period.

We will help you do the same. But a simple fact here is that you must not limit yourself to only the day, you can express your love and affection all the time. With these idioms, you can create a mesmerizing feeling in the ambiance.

14 Love Idioms & Phrases to Show to Affection for Your Partner

Let’s get to know what are some of the phrases which will bring how beautiful your relationship can get with your loved ones. You would see that no one would be feeling indifferent.

It will help you to learn some of the good things and make sure that it will be useful to you. Let’s begin what we can find the favorite one for you.

1. I give my heart to you!

With this phrase, you could express that your loved ones belong only to you and there are always some ways to work out the best. When you give your heart to someone then this act can be perceived as coming from the core of your heart. You will have to give them everything.

For example:

Out of everything in this world, I would love to give you my heart.


2. You Stole My Heart:

This phrase is generally used to show that you are immensely in love with the love of your life. It will simply mean that your heart belongs to the person and no one else. It is one of the precious things that you have presented to your loved ones.

For example:

I have been with a lot of people in my life but you are the one who stole my heart.


3. You Are The Apple Of My Eye:

This is one of the famous idioms which indicated that you are very important to that person and that your presence is very significant to the person.

For example,

Reena loves Mohan. He is the apple of her eye.


4. Be head over heels (in love)

  • The basic meaning of the idiom is to be in love with somebody very much
  • For Example, You need to look at them. You could see that they are so much in love with each other. She was head over heels in love with each other.


5. Have the hots for somebody

  • You could see that the meaning of this particular idiom is to find somebody extremely attractive.
  • For Example, Magna has the hots for the new apprentice. He wouldn’t be surprised if she asked him out.


6. May-December Marriage

  • Let’s know what the idiom means. It is a marriage between a younger and an older partner, typically a young woman and an old man.
  • For Example, They had a May-December marriage sparked gossip that she was only after his money.


7. To be someone’s one and only

  • The idiom indicates that a person is unique to the other person
  • For Example, She will always be my one and only love.


8. To fancy someone (British English)

  • Generally, the idioms mean to find someone very attractive
  • For example: When she saw you for the first time she really fancies you and also your friend.


9. To have a crush on someone

  • If you go by the meaning of the idiom then it indicates about an informal idiomatic expression that describes young romantic infatuation.
  • For example, If you could see that Sally has had a crush on James since they were at university together. You should know that he didn’t realize this.


10. To love someone with all of one’s heart and soul

  • When you get to know the exact meaning of the idiom that to love someone completely.
  • For Example, It was observed that John loves Leslie with all his heart and soul.


11. Under Someone’s Spell

  • It was easily understood by the Meaning: Fascinated, entranced by someone
  • Example: Jenna broke up with Ted. But now she’s under his spell again.


12. Whisper Sweet Nothings (in Someone’s Ear)

  • The basic meaning of the idiom id to speak meaningless romantic utterances
  • For Example, You saw Hinda, watch for Joe. He’ll whisper sweet nothings in your ear, but then the next night he’ll go out with someone else.


13. No love lost between

  • Check out the meaning of the idiom that there is a mutual animosity between two people.
  • If we see the example: It is a true fact that there is no love lost between the two colleagues, they have never liked each other.


14. Match made in heaven

  • One of the most popular idioms with the meaning that a relationship in which the two people are great together because they complement each other so well
  • For instance: Do you think Matt and Amanda will get married? – I hope they will. They’re a match made in heaven.



We all know that love has been in our lives since the day we are born but sometimes it takes little effort to bring it again in our lives. It is one of the most powerful strengths that bring happiness in a person’s life. If you can think of some other phrases that will help you to woo someone’s heart. Check out all the examples which will help you to understand it in a better way.

With Englishbix, you could get to learn a lot of new things which would bring amazing changes in the way to perceive English. So always stay tuned!

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