Past Perfect Progressive Tense Examples & Structure

In this tense article we are going to discuss about the structure of past perfect progressive sentences which is also referred to as past perfect continuous and learn the concepts with the help of examples.

Tenses work as the heart of English grammar, without which there is no soul in it. It’s not very difficult to form a meaningful sentence. One just have to know the rules, person’s  role and the tense.

The time of action will not always be the same. So according to the time, the tense changes. for example ‘is’ becomes ‘was’ in past.

Past Perfect Progressive Tense Use and Its Structure Properties

The Past perfect Continuous or past perfect progressive tense is used for continuous event that happened in the past, and also got completed in the past.

The sentence structure formula for Past Perfect Progressive Tense is (Subject + had + been + ‘ing’ form of the verb + object)

Let us understand this formula with the help of an example “I had been cooking”. Here ‘I’ is the subject, ‘had been’ is used to represent a completed action of the past, ‘cook’ + ‘ing’ to form ‘cooking’ to show a continuous action.

10 Examples of Past Perfect Progressive Sentences

  • I had been writing
  • We had been writing
  • You had been writing
  • He had been writing
  • It had been writing
  • They had been writing
  • They had not been paying the rent since 2015
  • Sharma had not been eating since he left his dog at the clinic.
  • I had been trying to learn the guitar.
  • Had Jessica been using the same camera?
  • He had been playing the game for 5 hours
  • Had they been eating the same food since 2013?

Notice how we are using ‘had been’ to show that we are talking about the completed action of past and ‘ing’ form of verb to represent a continuous action.

Now, let’s see how past perfect continuous tense works with ACTIVE and PASSIVE voices.

Active Voice Form of Past Perfect Progressive Sentences

The Sentence Structure formula for active voice form of past perfect continuous or progressive sentences is (Subject + had been + ‘ing’ form of the verb + object)

let us see how the above formula work

  • I had been writing the novel.

Passive Voice Form of Past Perfect Continuous Sentences

The past perfect progressive sentences are already passive in nature by default therefore we don’t need to change their voice to passive.

(Note: A sentence in Past Perfect Continuous Tense can’t be converted from PASSIVE voice  to passive voice)

You can use this article as an extensive guide to past perfect progressive tenses which will help you in building a sentence perfectly. In this website, there’s an individual section for every type of tense exclusively. So go through each of it to have a wider picture.

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