Preschool and Pre K Dolch Sight Words List

The dolch sight word list for preschool and pre-k grade kids is the most commonly used set of words for their age. The list contains more than 40 easy to learn and remember sight words. These words contains most of the words form the typical children’s book while rest are used in adults vocabulary.

Dolch Sight Words List for Pre-K and Preschool Children

The Preschool kinds tends to have a much more flexible approach in learning because of their age which is usually from between 2-and-a-half and 4-and a-half years of age while The pre-kindergarten words tend to be for children who are little older in age and who have more developmental abilities, roughly between 4 and 5 years old.

Following list of words can serve both pre-K and preschool kids to enhance their vocabulary and help them learn new words.


Make sure kids use these words in their daily activity and communication to help them learn faster. By Learning these words children will understand the basic vocabulary words that are found in everyday print and written material.

Parents and Teachers can keep this guide handy for future reference and refer it whenever there is a need.

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