Love Relationship Vocabulary Words List

Love and relationships are two topics that people want to talk about all the time. You need to understand some terms to understand your relation better

In this lesson, you will learn all of the words you need to speak about dating, relationships and love to make you will feel confident the next time you want to go on a date.

If you are already in love with your significant other are in a serious relationship. You should make sure you appreciate the other person and use these words to describe someone you love.

Relationship Vocabulary Words

Following is a list relationship words and phrases related to different stages of your love.

Word Meaning
Crush An infatuation or an attraction to someone with whom you are not in a relationship with.
Date A meeting with your romantic partner.
Boyfriend The male companion in a romantic relationship.
Girlfriend The female companion in a romantic relationship.
Ex-boyfriend A person who was your boyfriend in the past.
Ex-girlfriend A person who was your girlfriend in the past.
Fiancé A man who is engaged to someone.
Fiancée A woman who is engaged to someone.
Husband A married man.
Wife A married woman.
Partner A member of a married or an unmarried couple.
Better Half A phrase used for describing one’s own husband or wife.
Go out Means to be having a casual relationship with someone.
Fall for To be falling in love with a person.
Make up Coming back together and mending stuff after a fight.
Split up The breaking up or the ending of a relationship.
Ask out To ask someone to go to someplace with you, because you want to begin a romantic relationship with them.
Fling A short relationship, that both the parties know, will end.
Hang out Spending time with someone.
Get along Feeling very comfortable and beginning to have a very friendly relationship with someone.
Flirting Teasing someone in a playful way, because you feel inclined to them.
Tie the knot When two people get married.
Pop the Question To propose for marriage. The question asked is, “will you marry me?”
Engaged Being engaged to someone means having formally agreed to marry someone.
Married Two people being together in marriage.
Divorced Legally splitting up the marriage due to reasons.
Blind date When two people have been fixed to meet each other by a third person, or by themselves, via a platform that lets them be anonymous.

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