Spelling Bee Words List for Adults

Adult Spelling Words are good starting point to know which words will appear in the tests you are going to appear for Adult Spelling Tests. 

Strong spelling words are a challenge – and are always fun to practice. This list of 100 Long English Words for building English vocabulary is especially designed for adults to challenge their spelling skills.

Spelling Bee Words for Adults

Following is a list of difficult adult spelling bee words along with meaning:

AnthophilousEating flowers
BanausicCommon and refined
BedraggleWet and dirty, as if from rain
LatkeA pancake made of mashed potatoes
AbecedarianArranged alphabetically, as for beginners
CarnassialDesigned for cutting meat
AbomasumA fourth part of the belly of a shepherd
CoulombAn electric charge unit equal to the amount of charge transmitted by the current power of 1 ampere per second
BoustrophedonAncient writing system: having one line written in opposite directions; literally `like an ox plows’
VinaceousOr related to wine
CladeA group of organisms or species that share characteristics inherited from one ancestor
PullulateProduce buds, twigs, or stems
ImpuissanceImpotence manifested by inability to do something
NovacaineProaine is used as a hydrochloride
AnnuletSmall ring
ArrivisteAn aspirant or aspiring public figure
BrailleSuggested writing that can be read by the visually impaired
CatachresisDifficult or confusing use of words can be intentional or deliberate
JacquardFabric with high heels woven into the loom of Jacquard
DroshkyAn open cart with four-wheel-drive horses
BicuspidHaving two cusps or points
AdscissaThe amount of coordinate on the horizontal axis
TrichinosisAttacked by trichina worms spread by eating insufficient meat, the larvae migrate from the intestinal tract to the muscles where they fill up.
FinagleGaining something through cunning or cunning methods
SatoriA state of sudden spiritual enlightenment
ClerihewA humorous verse with two contrasting couples
PropagandizeUnder propaganda
CalisthenicOr related to calisthenics
TintinnabulationThe sound of the bell ringing
AcclimatizeTo get used to a certain place
LuauA great Hawaiian party or party
LoucheOf tasting or questionable behavior
BurgeonGrow and prosper
TraipseWalk or tread
AnglophileWho loves English and English things
ZirconiumA shiny gray metal solid like titanium
CologneAromatic liquids made from essential oils and alcohol
CubbyholeSmall room
CappuccinoA drink made from equal parts of espresso and hot milk
AlopeciaPartial or complete loss of hair
JudgmentalRelated to a person’s assessment, status, or event
MilligramA thousand grams
PrepossessCause them to be busy
FlibbertigibbetStupid, timid, and extremely talkative
SalmagundiCooked meat and eggs and vegetables are usually arranged in rows around the plate and dressed with a dressing salad.
CardiganA knitted jersey that can be tied at the front
ThrenodyA song or hymn
FranipaniAny tropical American tropical shrubs or shrubs with milk thistle and flowers of various colors.
PasteurizationPartial excretion of food at a temperature that destroys harmful bacteria without major changes in food chemistry.


AcrimoniousMarked with great anger or criticism
AcronymA short word made up of the first letters of several words
AntitoxinAn antibody that can eliminate certain toxins
ApostropheA symbol used to indicate the release of one or more characters
AsteriskStar-shaped character used in printing
AvoirdupoisWeight system based on 16 ounces
BasteCover with liquid before cooking
BombasticThey are incredibly high in style
Candelabraa candlestick with a branch; decorative; it has several lights
CantankerousIt blocks block and does not want to cooperate
CelloStringed musical instrument
ChoreographyA game that combines art dancing
ChrysalisCaterpillar moth or cork-covered butterfly
CisternA pot or pit containing a liquid
ClavicleThe bone that connects the scapula and sternum
CleanserCorrections used for cleaning
ColiseumA large circular arena with seats
ConcomitantTracking or compliance as a result
ConfectionFoods rich in sugar
CredentialA document that testifies to the truth of certain facts
DescantCompatibility with decorative music (often developed) is added in addition to the basic music
DirigibleSelf-driving aircraft
DuctileIt can be shaped or bent or pulled out
DysfunctionAny disturbance in the functioning of the human organ or organ
EndemicTraditionally or closed somewhere
EnzymeA complex protein produced by cells that act as a catalyst
EsophagusLarynx between pharynx and abdomen
ExpendableReady for use
ExtracurricularExcept for standard subjects
EyesoreThe worst and most annoying thing
FecundIt can produce seeds or plants
FestoonDecorative representation of a series of flowers
FilibusterStrategy to delay the law by making longer speeches
FuchsiaA hot tree with beautiful hanging flowers
GeraniumOther plants of the Geraniaceae family
GourmandA person who is obsessed with food and drink
GregariousEmotional desires and the enjoyment of being with others
HaciendaA large house on a farm or in a large area
HeirloomSomething that has been around for generations in the family
HoaxSomething intended to deceive
HorsemanshipAbility to manage and mount horses
IndictHe has been officially accused of crime
InsulinThe hormone produced by Langerhans is concentrated
IntegerAny natural or negative number, or zero


InveighThey complain bitterly
IotaMinimum or unreachable value
JinxBad spelling
KrisA malayan dagger with a wavy blade
LaxativePromotion release
LiqueurStrong-flavored alcoholic beverages are usually consumed after meals
LullabyA quiet song intended to help the child fall asleep
LumbagoBack pain affecting the lumbar region or lower back
MannequinA life size dummy used to display clothing
MarionetteTop image with string dolls
MarjoramPerennial Eurasian fragrant
MayonnaiseEgg yolks and oil and vinegar
MyopiaBlurred vision when distant objects appear blurred
MyrrhFragrant incense is burned as incense and used in perfumes
NeurosisA mental illness that makes you behave strangely
OriflammeA motivating sign or goal that serves as a meeting place for the struggle
PancreasA long-term exocrine gland found in the back of the abdomen
PanoplyA complete and impressive list
PenumbraA light spot around the dark part of the shadow
PergolaA framework that supports climbing plants
PetioleA small stem that supports a leaf blade
PhilippicSpeech of suspicion of violence
PhlegmSaliva mixed with water comes out of the respiratory tract
PirouetteRapid body circulation
PotpourriA collection containing various items
QuandaryA state of uncertainty in choosing between bad options
QuestionnaireA form with a set of questions for obtaining mathematical information
RadiatorHeater that closes a series of steam pipes
RealtyProperty that includes houses and land
RecurrentIt happens over and over again
RestaurateurThe owner of the restaurant
SalamanderAquatic animals are like lizards
SeismicIt depends on the cause of the earthquake or the earthquake
SerumGrass, a liquid, rich in protein, breaks down as the blood circulates
ShepherdessFemale shepherd
SleuthTracker Detective
SpavinInflammation of the horse joint
SucculentIt is delicious and full of juice
SupererogatoryMore than what is needed, desired, or needed
TambourineA shallow drum with metal discs on the sides
TheocracyA political party ruled by God
TicklishHard to manage; it requires great ingenuity
TourniquetA bandage that stops blood flow by applying pressure
TremoloA shocking effect produced by a one-tone repetition
TriptychArt that incorporates drawing or sculpture into three panels
TulipAny many evergreen herbs have straight or lanceolate leaves and usually show a single flower.
UmbilicalRelated or similar related
UncensoredNot under test
WainscotingWood panels can be used to connect the walls of a room
WanderlustVery strong or unstoppable travel pressure
WolverineA shaggy North American full-grown mammal
WritheWalk with twisted or twisted movements

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