16 Tips to Prepare for Spelling Bee Competition

spelling bee is a difficult competition in which participants are asked to spell a different variety of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty.

The concept first started in the United States and is spreading across the world. Spelling bee events, along with variants, are now also held in some other countries like India around the world.

After some brief information about the competition, let us now have a look at the learning strategy we are going to follow for correct pronunciation and good words retention by knowing how the words are formed.

16 Steps Spell Bee Competition Preparation Plan

There are a number of tasks you can do to prepare for your spelling bee competition. It is important to have a good command of the English language. You cannot simply open a dictionary and start learning all the words you see. You got to plan first. Here are the steps to prepare.

  1. Make a plan for how you want to begin your preparation. Abide by the plan.
  2. You can start by reading books from elementary to intermediate level.
  3. Make a list of spellings you find difficult and whose meaning you don’t know.
  4. Make a separate notebook and write those words with their meanings with reference to a dictionary.
  5. You need to practice on your own. Repeat the words you don’t remember and find difficult. Work on them.
  6. Make a new list every two to three days.
  7. You can watch English movies or series with subtitles to improve your spelling and vocabulary.
  8. Learn the root words with their meanings.
  9. Keep this good habit of reading the dictionary often.
  10. You can have two or three applications in your mobile that would help with the preparation.
  11. Learn diacritics for pronunciation.
  12. Read and write whenever you get time.
  13. You can use post-it notes to write words on them and stick around your room.
  14. You can take help from your friends and teachers.
  15. Use the English language often. Speaking, reading or writing.
  16. You can use online help and search words for preparation.

Following the above mentioned steps assures you that you’ll have a better memorization and improved word retention.

Let us now start practicing some new hard words from our English words blogs. You can start with following two resources.

1. Hardest English Words to Pronounce along with their meanings and sentences examples.

2. List of Hard Spelling Words which are difficult to Spell with their different meanings and their type.

We hope these two resources will give you the idea of level of competition in spell bee.

Don’t worry, You just need to practice a lot with dedication and proper plan as mentioned above, and make sure you enjoy the process.

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