6 Types of Workplace Conflicts in Organization

Well, no two people on this beautiful planet are the same. We are different not just by our appearance but also have different nature, behavior, and personality. When the different motivations, processes, and starts clashing with our goals and with others, due to this conflict arises. Generally, conflicts are not something that you should fear because having conflicts can bring a lot of changes. Conflicts can lead to better ideas, understanding, and better working relationships.

The employees and staff can improve themselves and bring in reforms by considering conflict resolution in the workplace.

What Are The 6 Workplace Conflicts And Their Resolutions?

Conflicts in the workplace are caused due to the lack of poor communication, misunderstandings, close-mindedness and passive-aggressive behavior of the employees

1. Interdependence or Task-Based Conflicts:

Task-based conflicts arise in situations when the task of an individual is dependent on another. The interdependency in the project network is the major cause of task-based conflicts. It is very essential for the team members of a project to effectively coordinate with each other by staying updated with the work progress. For instance, an accountant task is dependent on the number of reports it receives. If the team member is consistently delaying the work, then it is impacting the productivity and work speed of the accountant. In simple words, it will affect the ability of the employee to finish the work within the given deadline.

What is the solution for it?

The project head or team head must delegate the tasks effectively so that one’s task gets hindered. Also, it is important to maintain proper communication with the entire team to monitor the efficiency of the work. Moreover, it is always better to clarify the responsibilities of each member and know that everyone is on the same page.

2. Leadership Conflicts: 

Every individual has a different leadership style and every individual responds differently to the different leadership styles. Sometimes, the leaders are bold and charismatic whereas others are quite laid-back, warm, and inviting. Some leaders are highly technical and very strict while following the rules and regulations whereas some are lenient in their approach. Conflict arises when the team members are not satisfied with the leader’s perspective or approach. (Generally, the bossy approach of the leaders make people hate them)

What is the solution for it?

In order to solve such potential conflicts, leaders must emphasize on having mutual respect for each and every person and their opinion throughout the company. Leaders must also be aware of their own leadership styles and ensure that while delegating the work they are not hurting the sentiments of others. It is always better to interact to own the personalities of each other. It will prove to be beneficial in understanding and adjusting with the working styles. Don’t just try to escape it, we all are different and it is better to work out the situation rather than avoiding it.

3. Conflict Due To Different Working Styles Of Employees:

It is something similar to leadership styles. Every person has a different style of working. 

  • Some people prefer to work in a group whereas some find it comfortable to work alone. 
  • For some employees, there is no need to provide extra direction or instructions but for some, it is essential to explain the procedure. 
  • Some people like to micromanage the work and some are liberal in the monitoring of tasks. 
  • Some employees have good productivity whereas some people have a lazy approach to work. 
  • Sometimes employees are comfortable working under pressure but some need a relaxed approach to get a good output.

Here also you need to apply the idea of mutual respect and effective coordination to accomplish the task provided to the entire team. If you are working as a team, the try to collaborate your work with your teammates and also communicate to make sure that you are on the same page. It is very important to deal with each other’s differences. 

4. Personality Based Conflict In Your Workplace: 

Once again, we all are different from each other and can never be the same. It is even possible that during our lifespan we keep changing by adapting to the new habits, perspectives, and trends. So it is very important that we understand each other’s differences and learn to cope with them. Although, it is not easy for anyone to work with people having different personalities. Here, it would be helpful for you to understand that who we perceive someone to be is not necessarily what they actually are.  You need to be very diligent in your approach, show empathy, and understanding. Moreover, you must not have a pre-conceived as it will only do more harm to your relationship with the other employee.

What is the solution for it?

Understand that every person you are working with has a different personality. Before approaching them or making a judgment against their behavior you must get to know what would be the consequences of your actions. 

5. Discrimination Based on age, race, religion, gender:

Discrimination is a serious problem faced by employees in the workplace. It is considered serious because many times the human resource department has to intervene to solve the issues and provide human rights to the person who is victimized of discrimination. Discrimination can lead to major office politics or harassment due to age, race, religion, ethnicity, gender. 

What is the solution for it?

Here, the human resource department must have close monitoring of such behavior and immediately put a stop on it. The organization must emphasize on the open-mindedness of the employees, help them to be more acceptable and quite understanding. Only then there would be peace in the company or organization. Employees must be encouraged to co-exist.

6. Conflicts Caused Due To Creative Ideas:

In an organization, each and every individual have equal rights to express their opinions, ideas, and views. Actually sharing each other ideas can be really beneficial as the best idea can be chosen to improve the organization’s productivity and brand reputation. But rather than accepting the ideas employees generally disregard them and this leads to conflicts. 

What is the solution for it?

When two or more co-workers are disagreeing on some sort of ideas then there is a need for them to have proper communication which will help them in cooperatively deciding what idea what benefit the company. Sometimes it is also better to look for compromises for the betterment of the company. In certain situations, you can also approach a senior member to bring out the solution. 

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