Adjective Words to Describe Dolphins and Whales

Dolphins are small toothed cetaceans easily recognized by their curved mouths that give them a permanent “smile”.  Most dolphins are marine and live in the ocean or brackish waters along the coast.

Dolphins are social, intelligent, agile, joyful and playful creatures that share many emotional similarities with humans.

Whales are the largest animals on Earth and live in every ocean. The massive mammals range from the 600-pound sperm whale to the colossal blue whale, which can weigh more than 200 tons and stretch up to 30 feet in length—almost as long as a professional basketball court.

Words to Describe Dolphin and Whale

Blindfolded Male
Adult Matrilineal
Antarctic Mature
Aquatic Mediterranean
Arctic Mighty
Arian Migratory
Atlantic Monstrous
Big Mysticete
Blind Net
Blow By Blow Newborn
Blue Northern
Bronze Nosed
Captive Odontocete
Carved Ongoing
Chinese Outermost
Clean Pacific
Common Pink
Complex Playful
Complicated Pregnant


Dead Publicized
Deadlocked Pygmy
Delphine Radiant
Delphic Rare
Dorsal Short
Dusky Sick
Endangered Sleek
Exquisite Small
Extinct Smart
Female Solitary
Fimbriate Southern
Foetal Spermous
Fossil Spinner
Freshwater Spotted


Friendly Stranded
Funny Striped
Gang etic Toothless
Giant Torqued
Gigantic Trained
Good Transient
Gray Uncouth
Greasy Undersized
Grey Unresolved
Hamstrung Unsolved
Hawaiian Vexing
Huge White
Humpbacked Wild
Immature Yangtze
Injured Hulk
Intercultural Giant
Intergroup Heavyweight
Inter service Orca
Irrawaddy Cetacean
Juvenile Beluga
Largest Finback
Lean Bowhead
Live Whaler
Lively Animal
Lone Fin
Longstanding Mink
Majestic Sperm

They are mammals and share the group’s defining traits: they breathe air, are warm-blooded, give live birth, suckle their young with milk, and have hair. All are completely aquatic, with specialized adaptations such as fins and tail flukes for aquatic life.

Dolphins live in the world’s seas and oceans, as well as in some rivers. Some species of dolphins prefer to live in coastal areas, others like shallow water but prefer to live far from the coast near shallower areas that are further out to sea.

There are an impressive number of different species of dolphins and they all have their own unique identities and characteristics

Whales, dolphins and porpoises are mammals that look like large fish. They have fins instead of front limbs and no hind limbs at all. They also have a tail that is flattened and forms two flaps called flukes. The tail waves up and down unlike fish whose tails wave from side to side.

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