Adjective Words to Describe Actions

Most of our daily life actions depends upon our thoughts, needs, beliefs and motivations.

In English grammar we use action words, also known as action verbs to add actions to our sentences there words define what type of action we are performing.

You might not notice it, but we use there words in every sentence we speak or write. but they cannot  define how it is performed, for that we need adjectives.

Adjectives like offensive, defensive, compulsive, destructive are commonly words to describe how or what kind of action it is.

Adjective Words to Describe Actions

Operational Involuntary
Questionable Irrational
Abusive Irresponsible
Aggressive Legislative
Altruistic Malicious
Anabolic Meritorious
Antagonistic Militant
Anticholinergic Motivated
Antidumping Muscarinic
Anti -inflammatory Negligent
Antisocial Nonverbal
Antitrust Nonviolent
Arbitrary Observable
Behavioral Obsessive
Benevolent Offensive
Biologic Outward
Coercive Overt
Collective Past
Communicative Permissible
Compulsive Pharmacological


Concerted Physiologic
Concrete Postsynaptic
Contrary Preventative
Convert Preventive
Corrective Prosocial
Courageous Provocative
Criminal Punitive
Defensive Purposeful
Deliberate Purposive
Derivative Rash
Destructive Recommended
Detrimental Reflex
Disciplinary Remedial
Discretionary Repetitive
Discriminatory Repressive
Disruptive Required


Drastic Sedative
Evasive Selfish
Evil Selfless
Foolish Sinful
Forceful Subversive
Gallant Suggested
Governmental Symbolic
Habitual Synaptic
Harmful Synergistic
Hasty Terrorist
Heroic Unauthorized
Hostile Unconstitutional
Hurtful Uncoordinated
Illegal Unethical
Immoral Unilateral
Improper Unjust
Impulsive Unlawful
Inappropriate Unpopular
Inconsistent Violent
Inhibitory Virtuous
Instinctive Volitional
Intentional Voluntary

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