Adjective Words To Describe Film And Movies

Do you watch movies? Well, we all do. Just after completing the movie, the words that come out of your mouth are what describe the movie. Sometimes you like the movie and sometimes you don’t.

Whether you have positive reviews or negative, it can be explained easily with the help of adjectives. When you are falling short of the right adjectives, it becomes difficult to explain what you felt about the movie. Here we have specified some adjectives that you can use as per your preferences.

Adjectives to Describe Film and Movie

Following are some positive adjectives words to describe a good movie.

first-rate insightful clever
charming comical charismatic
enjoyable uproarious original
tender hilarious absorbing
sensitive riveting intriguing
powerful fascinating pleasant
surprising dazzling thought-provoking
imaginative legendary unpretentious

Following are some negative adjectives to describe your bad experience with a film.

second-rate violent moronic
third-rate flawed juvenile
boring distasteful ordinary
disgusting senseless static
brutal confused disappointing
bloody silly tired
predictable stupid uninteresting
weak incredibly tiresome trite
uneven cliché ridden outdated
dreadful bland

Following are some commonly used neutral adjectives:

suspenseful low-budget dramatic
highly-charged sentimental fantasy
slow romantic satirical
fast-moving oddball picaresque
big-budget wacky

Finally we have some commonly used adjectives to praise a movie and leave a good reviews:

Absorbing Big-Budget Bland Bloody
Boring Brutal Cliche Ridden Comical
Dazzling Disappointing Distasteful Dramatic
Enjoyable Fantasy Fascinating Flawed
Hilarious Insightful Intense Interesting
Legendary Light-Hearted Low-Budget Memorable
Mind-Blowing Narrative Predictable Quirky
Realistic Remarkable Romantic Satirical

Following example sentences will be helpful in understanding the entire situation without any difficulty. 

  1. The movie was classic. It didn’t feel like going for the interval.
  2. Today’s movie was extremely boring. It would be better if I missed it.
  3. The movie that was released yesterday was amazing. I feel like watching it again.
  4. You can not watch the horrible movie again and again.
  5. I was so engrossed in the wonderful movie, I lost the track of time.

Conclusion: The adjectives are the best way to explain everything.  Use it efficiently. You can also learn some words related to film and movies.