Adjective Words to Describe Grass

A grass is a plant with narrow leaves growing from the base. A common type of grass used to cover ground in places such as lawns and parks. Grass obtains water from its roots in the ground. Grass is usually pigmented with a “green” color. 

Grasses are known to be particularly effective in combating soil erosion. Grasses are also hardy plants that can survive in difficult conditions. Grasses disrupt the speed of rainwater runoff, they also cancel the impact of raindrops, and thus avoid the formation of a hard earth’s crust on the surface of the soil.

Words to Describe Grass

Following are common adjectives used to describe grass based on its characteristics and habitat:

Grassy Fragrant
Herbaceous Frozen
Tall Cogon
Greasy Moist
Herbal Overgrown
Spotted Outfield
Stiff Bamboo
Exciting Scanty
Aspiring Scurvy
Long Slippery
Dry Succulent
Wet Dune
Short Sodden
Soft Muddy
Coarse Verdant
Fresh Purple


Thick Brittle
Wild Clipped
Dead Scorched
Sweet Sacrificial
Lush Scrubby
Brown Sudan
Damp Trodden
Yellow Chopped
Lemon Twisted
Blue Infield
Rough Sour
Dewy Weedy
Perennial Bleached
Rich Spiky
Cool Frosty


Buffalo Hardy
Sparse Prickly
Withered Juicy
Orchard Tender
Trampled Ornamental
Tough Reedy
Dense Porcupine
Swamp Luscious
Bent Plaited
Luxuriant Unmown
Rank Patchy
Why Manicured
Matted Bear
Parched Stunted
Burnt Frosted
Tufted Springly
Uncut Vernal
Pale Tawny
Abundant Curly

A characteristic feature of grass is that they are usually upright, cylindrical, with alternating leaves, anchored in the soil by roots. Grasses have leaves (blades that taper into a sheath), a stem (stalk), a collar area (where the leaves meet the stem), roots, rhizomes, and during the reproductive phase, an inflorescence or seed head develops.

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