Adjective Words to Describe Lawyers and Judges

Advocates, also known as Attorney’s, are certified professionals who advise and represent natural and legal persons in legal matters. They provide advice to clients, conduct legal research, prepare legal documents and represent clients in criminal and civil court proceedings.

A lawyer is a licensed professional who advises and represents others in legal matters, while A judge is an elected or appointed official who presides over court proceedings. Judges must be impartial and try to correctly interpret the meaning, significance and consequences of the law.

Adjective words like finest, Outstanding, reputable, experienced, and influential are used to describe great lawyers and Judges.

Words to Describe Lawyers and Judges

Following are some words to describe good lawyers working in law firm:

Finest Interested
Legal Junior
Able Knowledgeable
Academic Learned
Admirably Licensed
Adversarial Matrimonial
Ambitious Migraine
Antitrust Most
Astute Negro
Brightest Outstanding
Brilliant Prospective
Canon Prestigious
Civil Prominent
Clever Prosperous
Cleverest Qualified
Competent Renowned
Constitutional Reputable
Copyright Respectable
Corporate Respected
Corporation Roman


Corrupt Salaried
Crafty Scottish
Crooked Seasoned
Damned Senior
Dishonest Shady
Distinguished Shrewd
Eager Skilled
Ecclesiastical Skillful
Eminent Slick
English Smart
Expensive Successful
Experienced Talented
Fancy Trained
Fellow Transactional
Feminists Unethical
Finnish Unscrupulous
Fledging Whig


Foremost Willing
Greedy Young
Hungry Influential
Incompetent International
Approximate Judicial
Able Juvenile
Administrative Knowledgeable
Admirally Lay
Assistant Learned
Associate Lenient
Astute Mediocre
Athenian Municipal
Best Naive
Civilian Olympic
Competent Physician
Consciousness Prejudiced
Conservative Probate
Corrupt Professional
Crooked Provincial
Deemed Puisne
Dishonest Qualified
Disinterested Rabbinic
Distinguished Rabbinical


Ecclesiastical Regicide
Elective Respected
Eminent Retired
English Royal
Experienced Scottish
Expert Secular
Expatriate Senior
Fraudulent Shrewd
Federal Sole
Federalist Stern
Fellow Subordinate
God Substitute
Honorable Superior
Honorable Sympathetic
Hungry Territorial
Ignorant Trained
Incompetent Trial
Incumbent Unbiased
Indifferent Unelected
Inexperienced Unjust
Infallible Untrained

Lawyers are uniquely positioned to assist individuals, groups and organizations with their legal problems and to promote the public good. Public interest lawyers advance legal causes for the greater good of society and help those in need of legal assistance who would otherwise not be able to afford lawyers.

The judge will hear all witnesses and other evidence presented by the prosecution and defense. The judge decides whether the accused is guilty or innocent based on the evidence and in accordance with the law. If the accused is found guilty, then the judge will pass sentence.

In common law systems, such as that used in the United States, judges have the power to punish misconduct that occurs in the courtroom, to punish violations of court orders, and to enforce a restraining order.

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