Law Vocabulary of Legal Words in English

Let’s learn about some of the common legal vocabulary terms that will be helpful while drafting a content which deals with legal or civil trials and documents. 

25+ Legal English Vocabulary Terms for Law

Word Meaning
Contract A binding agreement that is enforceable by law
Consideration The process of giving careful thought to something
Negligence Failure to act with the prudence of a reasonable person
Precedent An example that is used to justify similar occurrences
Infringement An act that disregards an agreement or a right
Perjury The criminal offense of making false statements under oath
Statute An act passed by a legislative body
Sue Institute legal proceedings against; file a suit against
Attorney A person who acts for or represents another in business or legal matters
Barrister A lawyer who pleads before a superior court
Brief A written statement of facts
Case Statement of the facts in a trial, esp. the argument of one side
Contract A formal agreement
Court of law The place where law cases are heard and decided; court
Defendant Person or organization facing a criminal charge or another legal proceeding
Evidence Information presented to a court to prove or support a point in question
Guilty Responsible for wrong
Judge An official with authority to hear and decide cases in a court of law
Jury A group of people chosen to hear the evidence of a case and give a decision
Lawsuit A trial at court between two private parties
Lawyer A person trained in law and who advises or represents others
Plead To defend a law case
Prosecutor A lawyer, often a public official
Sentence Who can file charges and try to prove a defendant’s guilt in court 
Solicitor Prosecute
Sum up To summarise and review the evidence of a case
Trial A formal examination of a case in a court
Verdict The formal decision or finding of a judge or jury

With the knowledge of these words you would be able to understand whatever goes inside a court.

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