American Slang Words and Phrases List

Englishbix brings you an amazing and interesting list of popular American English Slang words. These words can help you to master conversational English used by Americans.

The following American slang words list would come handy to you when you are reading a novel or any other content written by US authors. Unlike British slang words and phrases, American slang may seem somewhat easy.

American Slang Words List with Meanings

These common terms and expressions used in US English will help you talk in the standard American Accent and make you sound like an American.

On FleekIt is similar to “on point” to refer to something attractive.
HitchedIt is an adjective that means two people getting married.
GoalsTo achieve something great in life. It is usually used as couple goals, friendship goals, marriage goals etc.
Squad It is a slang English word referring to a group of friends
GOATIt is an acronym – Greatest Of All Time.
Low KeyIt means not to show off or keep something a secret. 
Nerd OutThis slang word means to get enthralled or engaged by nerdy geeky activity.
MoodIt is used to refer to a temporary state of mind. For example, you can be in a mood of self-improvement.
ChillIt is basically a colloquial word. It means that something is relaxed, easy and fun.
BombedIt is an interesting slang word that means to completely fail in something. (It can also be used to convey that someone is getting drunk)
FireThis word means that something spoken is quite outstanding.
RetweetThe word is originated from the Twitter word ‘retweet’. But here it means that you agree with something.
DimeIt is as common as other words. It is used to describe a woman who is genuinely sweet, good looking and very kind.
SwingThis term has multiple informal meanings in the English language. One of the meanings is to tell someone that they would be reaching their place in a short time.
FlyIt is used to describe clothing attire.
DropThe drop word is to describe when you need to enlighten someone with information
SlideThe word is used as its literal meaning ‘glide’. It actually means that the person is becoming apart from another person’s life. 
BestieIt means best friend.
HotIt should not be confused with temperature. In American English, it is used to refer to someone beautiful and sexy.
JackedThe word is used to describe someone who exercises a lot and has large muscles.
SwagThe words are quite trending and it means style or attitude. 
YOLOIt is used as an acronym that states ‘You Only Live Once’
ASAPOne more acronym – As Soon As Possible  
ChickBasically used as a noun; It is used to refer to a young female between the age group 12 to 40 years
BAE(It is an acronym and used as a noun). ‘Before Anyone Else’. The word is used to refer to the significant other.
Boo(It is a noun) This word is similar to boyfriend or girlfriend or sometimes husband and wife.
PoppinThe word is used as an adjective. It can be used to refer to any social event such as parties, gatherings or clubs.
Lit(Adjective Form) This word means something fun and interesting.
DopeIt is a generic word that describes something exciting and cool.
SickThe word is a negative connotation but is used to symbolize something exciting.
Nada(Pronoun Form) The word is used commonly instead of saying ‘nothing’. 
BrahThe word is used in American conversational style that means “Are you serious?”
On PointIt is a colloquial way of conveying that something or someone is attractive or fashionable.


American English slang words will help you to take the conversation with native people to the next level. You will already know the meaning of the sentences and the meaning behind it. Englishbix will keep helping you to learn different things.

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