Assertive Sentences : Examples & Guide with Its 2 Types

We live in this technologically advanced world, and it is very important to communicate and negotiate with people to make your career grow or to expand your business. We all are well versed with the fact that language is our primary source of communication. Language is a medium that helps us to share our ideas, thoughts, expressions with each other. Moreover, it is the only thing that differentiates us from animals and makes us social animals. In the world, there are many languages, each state with their own national language. And all the languages English is considered as the official international language. Hence we know the importance of it.

In English Grammar, you would see that there are different types of sentences. Imperative, interrogative and assertive. So, today we will discuss the assertive sentences and their significance along with a set of extensive examples.

But first, let’s know the definition of the Assertive Sentences.

Assertive sentences are also considered as declarative sentences. The English Grammar, the sentences which gives information about any fact, opinion or belief, then it is called an assertive sentence. Such sentences are mostly used in books, informative articles, blogs or reports. The sentences end with a full stop. These sentences are called declarative because they declare or state something. We know that assertive sentences can be of any length and it generally uses an assertive group of words with subject and predicate.

Examples of Assertive Sentences

You can see the example sentences below to know more about the assertive sentences.

  • She loves to write on the sounds of birds.
  • She doesn’t like crowded places at all.
  • Her brother can easily copy the sounds of animals.
  • It might rain heavily today.
  • She is right about honesty as it is the best policy.
  • The students of Delhi Public School were attending the class.
  • The Moon will not always rise in the east and sets in the west.
  • We love you.

Assertive sentences can be used in the simple, compound and complex ways.

Assertive sentences can be divided into two categories.

  • Negative group of words
  • Affirmative group of words

With Affirmative sentence, you can use a group of words in a positive manner. For example,

  • They will always listen to you.
  • Jama Masjid is a famous tourist attraction of Delhi.
  • She was my sister who was raising her a hand.
  • My brother will have to return to India after his meeting is completed in America.
  • India won in cricket by sixty runs.
  • They had already planned to visit Jama Masjid in the vacation.
  • We had started to write an epic this month.

The Use Of Assertive Sentences in a Negative Statement

With a negative group of words, you will see that the opposite of affirmative group of words is used. This will give a negative sense to the sentences. For example,

  • He doesn’t get up on Mondays.
  • The students will not be attending the Math’s class.
  • The Barking dogs will never bite.
  • We don’t hate anybody.
  • They won’t listen to you.
  • She is not in that team.
  • We cannot survive without oxygen.
  • She doesn’t write fiction but one-act play.
  • You cannot ignore me, you have to speak to me.


Assertive Sentences are considered as an important part of English grammar. They are the basic sentences that describe various facts, information or statement. If you have any doubts regarding Declarative or Assertive sentences, let us know in the comment section below. For more updates, you can stay tuned with EnglishBix.

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