100 Business English Vocabulary Words A to Z with Meaning

Business or corporate sectors and their healthy culture keep the employees and other staff motivated. It will also help them to increase productivity by keeping them happy and satisfied.

The businesses and corporate sectors also keep up with regular employee engagement activities so that they do not feel overburdened with work and no other activity. Hence work culture is something that needs to be paid proper attention.

Business Vocabulary Words List for Corporate

Following is a list of common words related to the field of business in a corporate environment:

pivotalbeing of crucial importance
prolificintellectually productive
articulateexpress or state clearly
proliferationa rapid increase in the number
divisivecausing or characterized by disagreement or disunity
destitutepoor enough to need help from others
eminentstanding above others in quality or position
inevitableincapable of being avoided or prevented
exaggeratedto represent something in an excessive manner.
insistentrepetitive and persistent  


reconnaissancethe act of scouting
contemplationa calm, lengthy, intent consideration
propellingtending to or capable of propelling
repellentserving or tending to cause aversion
digressturn aside from the main subject of attention
tarnishmake or become dirty or spotty


dissenta difference of opinion
toweringof imposing height; especially standing out above others
evincegive expression to
execrableof very poor quality or condition
forestallkeep from happening or arising; make impossible
inditeproduce a literary work
interpolateinsert words into texts, often falsifying it thereby
harpa chordophone with strings between the neck and the soundbox
pavedcovered with a firm surface
citemake reference to


genesisa coming into being
elicitdeduce or construe
upsurgea sudden or abrupt strong increase
conscientiouscharacterized by extreme care and great effort
laudableworthy of high praise
impetusa force that makes something happen
confederateunited in a league
aggravatingmaking worse
palatableacceptable to the taste or mind
impunityexemption from punishment or loss


archaicso extremely old as seeming to belong to an earlier period
ubiquitousbeing present everywhere at once
epitomizeembody the essential characteristics of
conglomeratecollect or gather
prudentmarked by sound judgment
dexterityadroitness in using the hands
mullreflect deeply on a subject
intriguecause to be interested or curious


heedcareful attention
rivetingcapable of arousing and holding the attention
startledexcited by sudden surprise or alarm and making a quick involuntary movement
inexplicableincapable of being explained or accounted for
immaculatecompletely neat and clean
notoriousknown widely and usually unfavorably
consummateperfect and complete in every respect
incorrigibleimpervious to correction by punishment


veterana person who has served in the armed forces
subtledifficult to detect or grasp by the mind or analyze
redactprepare for publication by correcting, revising, or adapting
digressivetending to depart from the main point or cover a wide range of subjects
pervasivespreading or spread throughout
confinedbeing in captivity
disparatefundamentally different or distinct in quality or kind
envisageform a mental image of something that is not present
excerpta passage selected from a larger work


toilwork hard
accordconcurrence of opinion
concedegive over
exponentiala function in which an independent variable is a power
provenancewhere something originated or was nurtured
descenta movement downward
contentiona dispute where there is strong disagreement  
imminentclose in time; about to occur
synergisticworking together for an enhanced effect
refuteprove to be false or incorrect
dubiousfraught with uncertainty or doubt
dispositiona natural or acquired habit or characteristic tendency
multitudea large indefinite number
reminiscentserving to bring to mind
patriarchthe male head of family or tribe
Conclusion: You must keep learning new words that are related to different worlds of our society it keep us well informed and educated.

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