Double Prepositions with Examples

Have you heard words like within, into, upon, inside, without, etc.? Of course, these are very common. These words are known as Double Prepositions.

What are Double Prepositions?

Double Prepositions are made up of two single prepositions joined together to be used one word. We usually have to join a prefix with a single preposition. But the usage remains the same.

Unlike compound prepositions, these are not two words used together.

Examples of Double Preposition in Sentences

The following double prepositions with examples will make it easier for you to understand them.

Double PrepositionExample Sentence
AmidAmid the chaos, we could not hear the bell ringing.
AtopMy mother has kept the cookies atop the refrigerator.
InsideLet’s go inside the house and play chess.
IntoAmy poured the coffee into the cup.
OntoMy dog climbed onto the sofa and slept peacefully.
OutsideIt is raining outside.
ThroughoutWe kept gossiping throughout the boring movie.
UponHe looked upon me for help.
UptoIt is upto you how you manage the sales.
WithinDeep within, Harry knew he can pass the test.
WithoutIt could not have been possible without you.
NowhereHis dog came out of nowhere and started barking at us.
BehindThe person who deserves the credit is standing behind you.
BeneathFish live beneath the surface of water.
ForwardShe moved forward in the queue.
AcrossMia’s house is two lanes across the library.
AlongMy sister brought us cookies along with a cup of tea.
BeforeWrite your name on the paper before you begin
AfterWe left after the show was over.
WithheldThe author’s name was withheld by request.
ReplyI sent him a reply as soon as I received his message.

You have now learnt the use of double prepositions efficiently. Try using them in your routine sentences. For more practice and learning, find our worksheets and printables at English Bix. 

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