Simple Prepositions List with Examples

What do you say when someone asks you where your house is? You probably say, “My house is on the second lane, four blocks after the library.” And, what do you tell mommy when she asks where did you keep your school bag? You say, “I kept my school bag on the study table.” Hey, did you notice anything common in these two sentences? We say about hundreds of sentences like these every day. So, what is the similarity between them?

These sentences, like most other sentences, have simple prepositions used in them.

What are Simple Prepositions?

Simple prepositions are words which show the relationship between nouns and pronouns. They help you explain to someone where a person or a thing is located or kept as compared to another thing. Not only this, prepositions also help in informing when something happened.

You might have not noticed, but we use prepositions in almost every sentence we say. Like when you are describing people, places, and things.

Examples of Simple Prepositions

Following is a tabular list of widely used simple prepositions.


Some of these words help you explain location while others help in showing time. Then there are others which we frequently use in our sentences.

So, how are Simple Prepositions different from other kinds of prepositions? They are individual words and cannot be combined with other words.

Here are some more familiar sentences we use in daily life.

  • I brushed my teeth before going to bed.
  • Anne stayed at her grandmother’s house during the vacations.
  • There are many roses in our garden.
  • The cat was sleeping under the tree.
  • My best friend’s house is just by the next street.

Can you create some more sentences?


Have a look at our Simple Preposition worksheets and printables. Keep exploring EnglishBix to learn about different types of prepositions and where they are used.

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