EnglishBix an alternative to Islcollective.com – 5 Reasons Why?

Here I’ll do some analysis on how EnglishBix.com can serve as an alternative to islcollective.com . I know both the websites are really good and I’m an not being biased here.

My analysis is purely based on the features and functionalities that both the websites have to offer and how they can help their users. Islcollective is quite an old one while EnglishBix is still the newbie.

Following are some points what I think that makes EnglishBix a better version of Islcollecitve and the complete English learning and resource sharing website.

1. Share Free and Paid Resources

With Englishbix.com you have the ability to share both free and paid resources which is a really good thing, because it depends on the user who is selling whether he wants a money in return or just want to give it for free. Islcollective restricts the users by making him give his creation for free.

Following are important links to upload guide for both the websites –

  1. How you can upload your self-created resource at Englishbix.
  2. Upload Resource at IslCollective.

2. Ask Your Questions

As EnglishBix is a community of english learners and geeks, those who are still at a learning phase can ask their queries at the discussion questions page and get the solution to their problems, Which is not quite possible in Islcollective.

Though Islcollective has a functionality of comments where users can comment on the worksheets for recommendations and their views.

Here is the Link to Ask Your Question at EnglishBix.

3. Free Written Material – Blogs

Englishbix has got free English blog material where you can learn about the concepts of English language like grammar, vocabulary, writing etc. which will help you in enhancing you communication and spoken English skills which is far less possible with islcollective.

At Englishbix you can become an author and upload your own blogs and link your content with it, giving you more freedom to share your own resources.

Explore Free English Written Material at EnglishBix.

4. Track Who is Using Your Work & Where

With EnglishBix advanced analytics you’ll get to know who is downloading your work and from which country. This will help you track your shop views and downloads which is still not possible with Islcollective.

You can track how many download you have received and how many users have visited your store from a particular country or a region. Which is quite a good functionality considering the different languages.

5. Earn for Living by Sharing Your Work

If you are good at english know what others need then you can help in getting some extra income for the family by selling your resource. By sharing your creative resources you can earn for a living and this gives you a moral boost that what you are doing is actually worth and people are willing to pay for it.

I know Islcollective also allows you to share but it is always for free but what if a teacher has spent 10 days working for an amazing resource and he wants to get paid for it. Do we have any option of paying him at Islcollective?, No.

What if Teacher has lost his job and is jobless for 2 months ?, The resources he is selling on websites like englishbix will help him earn few dollars while he is jobless and help him sustain himself and his family.

In my opinion There is no harm in paying someone for his/her amazing work. You know what, if we start getting everything for free we will not value it, and it is true.

Bonus Point: Greater Recognition compared to Islcollective.

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EnglishBix vs IslCollective : 5 differences you should know

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