Job Interview Vocabulary Words in English for 2024

It is very important to understand and express such words in a special vocabulary during the interview. These job descriptions also help you to define them better.

During a job interview it is important to use actions that accurately describe your roles and responsibilities in your current and past positions. The following table lists the most obvious and widely used actions in the English workplace. These actions are used to highlight the obligations and functions performed in all of the applicant’s professional work.

Job Interview Vocabulary for Beginners

Let’s work on the verbs to help you do your job interview and explain yourself well:

  1. Affordable: I like to make myself accessible to new employees to help them feel welcome and supported. I do this by sending them a welcome email, standing at their desk and keeping the door of my office open for any questions they may have. ”
  2. Accountable: I’m always committed to making sure I meet deadlines and accepting my mistakes
  3. Accomplished: I have accomplished a lot in my current position.
  4. Acted: You have served as head of department.
  5. Accuracy: Accurate and accurate; without errors
  6. Adapted: I adapt to working group situations easily.
  7. Administered: I managed four committees.
  8. Active: Involved in work; living
  9. Adaptable: Adapable to adapt to new circumstances
  10. Adept: Very good or skilled in something
  11. Broadminded: It is a pleasure to embrace beliefs and practices that are different from your own
  12. Build: To make something by assembling pieces, building materials, etc. Together
  13. Built: We build more than 200 houses.
  14. Calibrated: I was responsible for measuring CNC machines to maintain quality production while meeting production standards
  15. Challenges: “I challenged my colleagues to develop our ideas before finalizing our proposal.”
  16. Collaborated: Shared: “I worked with customer service and sales teams regularly to refine product designs, address errors and measure customer needs.”
  17. Commitment: I am committed to providing quality customer service in my role as a customer service representative
  18. Conscious: Being careful to do something right and proper
  19. Consistency: I am a consistent worker and others can always rely on me to achieve my responsibilities and produce quality work. ”
  20. Carried out: I perform a variety of tasks.
  21. Cataloged: I have written a library for our company.
  22. Conducted: I do telephone research.
  23. Coordinated: I was responsible for coordinating departmental activities in the absence of my direct supervisor. ”
  24. Delegated: Posted: “My partners and I have provided jobs based on our ability to maximize our team efforts.”
  25. Delivered: Delivery: “I have made my promise to satisfy the customer and received his contract renewed for another three years.
  26. Detected: I have found many errors.
  27. Detail Oriented: I really like and pay close attention to details
  28. Develop: Slow growth, expansion, or transformation; to make someone / something do this
  29. Diplomatic: Able to interact with people
  30. Discovered: Received: “I have received a new award program that has encouraged my team to improve their performance efforts by 20%.


  1. Eager: I look forward to using my customer service skills and helping customers to solve technical problems. ”
  2. Effective: Effectively produce the desired result
  3. Efficient: It can work well without making mistakes or wasting time and energy
  4. Encouraged: Encouraged: “In my previous job, I encouraged a coworker to share his ideas on a new marketing strategy. My boss eventually liked it, and they got a chance to lead the campaign
  5. Energized: Giving a person extra power, power, etc. And rising to a higher level of power.
  6. Enthusiastic: Full of joy and excitement
  7. Excited: I am always happy when I am faced with a new job or challenge that I have to overcome because I know I have the opportunity to step out of the comfort zone and expand my skills. ”
  8. Fair: Appropriate and acceptable in a particular situation
  9. Fascinated: I like consumer trends and how they change over time. Increases my enthusiasm for research. ”
  10. Founded: I founded two companies.
  11. Functioned: I worked as a liaison between management and employees.
  12. Firm: Able to stay in the same position when pressed; very hard
  13. Genuine: Honest and sincere; reliable
  14. Guided: I directed performance through the process.
  15. Handled: I handled customer complaints.
  16. ​​Installed: I have installed air-conditioning.
  17. Introduction: Introducing new products.
  18. Invention: The company developed a double-sided tape.
  19. Increased: Increased: “I increase my monthly sales share by 15%
  20. Initiative: A legal action taken to resolve a problem or improve the situation
  21. Innovative: In my previous job as general director of HR, I worked hard to develop new boarding systems that greatly improved the hiring process.
  22. Interested: Wanting to know or hear more about something / someone
  23. Invigorated: My favorite part of the event planning process is event planning because it always empowers me and makes me want to do a better event for our clients. ”
  24. Leadership: The position or position of manager or person in charge
  25. Love: a strong feeling that you have when you love someone / something very much
  26. Loyal: I would describe myself as an honest person who does more than help others at work. ”
  27. Maintained: To keep an object at the same level, level, etc.
  28. Managed: I have had the pleasure of managing the day-to-day operations of 25 employees during my time as sales manager. ”
  29. Marketed: In my previous career, I marketed medical tools and tools on behalf of medical providers and pharmaceutical companies.
  30. Met the qualities: To complete the task on time, on the agreed date
  31. Monitored: I monitored three of our mothers
  32. Moderated: Oversees negotiations between the two companies.
  33. Motivation: To have a strong motivation or desire to do well or to succeed
  34. Negotiated: I negotiated a better company agreement.
  35. Operated: I used heavy equipment.
  36. organized: I have planned many projects.
  37. On time: Not too late or too early; punctual
  38. Open-minded: I think it is important to have an open mind to new ideas and ideas because your ability to deal with new challenges or roles influences your ability to develop with your company to fit its goals.
  39. Optimistic: One of my best strengths is having a positive outlook. It enables me to persevere on challenging projects and help others to have a positive outlook on life. ”
  40. Partnered: Partner: “I have partnered with a member of the marketing department to create a working definition of job vacancies.”
  41. Passionate: I really like public health.
  42. Pioneered: I am pioneering a new job posting system to improve departmental performance by 15%.
  43. Plan: A vision or plan for doing something or accomplishing something in the future
  44. Practical: That might work; right or wrong
  45. Programmed: I have edited company details.
  46. Promotion: Promotions.
  47. Prepare: To prepare or prepare a person / thing
  48. Priority: The most important thing or something you should do before anything else
  49. Scheduled: I have arranged for HR and customer service professionals to be used
  50. punctual: I am always punctual, whether I am on time for work or I have a deadline because I have a deep respect for my coworkers and the company I work for. ”
  51. Provided: We have provided feedback to management.
  52. Reviewed: I have reviewed company documents and made recommendations.
  53. Recruited: I recruited more than 50 employees to work for my former employer, and as far as I know, 43 of those employees still exist.
  54. Reorganize: To rearrange something or in a new way
  55. Restored: I have returned the company to profit.
  56. Reversed: We dropped the habit and grew up.
  57. Resolved: “I solved the product error and while I made the design even better
  58. Respectful: I believe that respect is an important factor in maintaining co-operative relationships and customer satisfaction.
  59. Responsible: In my previous job, I was responsible for handling salary adjustments and preparing checks before pay days. ”
  60. Results; Outcome Oriented: A term used to describe a person or organization that is focused on the outcome rather than the process used to produce a product or deliver a service.
  61. Satisfy Customer Requests: Understand Your Customer Needs and Problem Solver
  62. Scheduled: I have arranged all the rental areas of our stadium and the calendars have been adjusted subject to cancellation
  63. Solution: How to solve a problem, deal with a difficult situation, etc.
  64. Strengthening: “I have strengthened the communication channels of our business by planning an internal system.
  65. Supervised: I supervised a team of 10 product engineers throughout the design and testing phase of prototypes. ”
  66. Supported: “When I work with colleagues on a project, I always make sure I support their ideas and commend them for their ingenuity.
  67. Team Player: A person who actively contributes to his team to complete tasks, meet goals or manage projects
  68. Transparency: Allows continuous trust between employees and management and helps employees understand the purpose of rapid changes in budgets or work responsibilities.
  69. Trustworthy: I believe one of my best-selling qualities is honesty.
  70. Win: To be the first or strongest in a race, game, tournament, etc.

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