School Subjects Names Vocabulary Words

To give a knowledge of different aspects of life students are taught various subjects. Subjects taught School are of major importance for a Teacher or a Parent. It helps them to better analyze their children based on their performance in different areas and finding his interest.

School Subjects Vocabulary for Kids

Here is a word list of school subjects with their meaning for improving your vocabulary.

SubjectWhat do they deal with?
ArtMostly comprises of fine arts like painting and drawing, in school.
BiologyThe field of science studying living organisms and their mechanisms.
ChemistryThe field of science studying the substances of matter with their reactions and properties.
PhysicsThe field of science studying matter and energy with their properties.
MathsThe study of numbers and quantities.
Environmental ScienceThe field of science studying the environment and its various conditions.
Social ScienceThe study of social relations and human society.
GeographyThe study of the physical features of the planet Earth.
HistoryThe study of the events that took place in the past.
CivicsThe study of rights and the duties of a citizen.
EconomicsThe study of the consuming and transferring of wealth.
Disaster ManagementThe subject that teaches the students about management and safety at the time of a disaster.
EnglishThe study of the English Language.
MusicStudents are taught how to sing and in some cases, play instruments.
DanceThe students are taught how to dance.
Physical EducationThe students are taught how to maintain their fitness.
HindiThe study of the Hindi language. (Mainly taught in India)
SanskritThe study of the Sanskrit Language. (Mainly taught in India, chosen as a 3rd language)
Regional LanguagesThe study of other regional languages. For example, Marathi, Punjabi, Malayalam, Gujarati, etc.
GermanThe study of the German Language. Taught in India as well as many other countries.
FrenchThe study of the French Language. Taught in India as well as many other countries.
Information TechnologyThe study of computer and other such telecommunication systems.
General KnowledgeStudents are taught told a lot of facts concerning all major areas.
Moral ScienceStudents (till 3rd grade mainly) are taught moral values.

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