Stressed and Unstressed Syllable Words with Examples

A syllable is a unit of speech which is single and has a sound. It may have a vowel sound or one or more consonants before or after it. For example, ‘if’ is a mono-syllabic word. A mono-syllabic word is a word containing one syllable. On the other hand, a poly-syllabic word is a word containing more than one syllable, for example, ‘under’. In poly-syllabic words, a syllable is stressed, meaning it sounds more prominent than the other syllable in word. 

For example, in the word ‘beheaded’, ‘head’ is the stressed syllable, whereas ‘be’ and ‘ded’ remain unstressed. There is a change in the pitch of voice while saying the stressed syllable out loud. Therefore, a stressed syllable is the syllable which has more emphasis than the other syllables in a word. And, an unstressed syllable is the syllable which we don’t emphasize. So, let’s take a look at the stressed and unstressed syllables in words with their examples.

Stressed Syllable Words List

Almost all poly-syllabic words have a stressed syllable in them. You can find them out by noticing the syllable which has been emphasized in the word.

ahead amended radiator abbreviated authoritarian
wonderful although genius incredibly frustrating
appreciate implicit explain allege emphatic
demonstrable cause because invoke hoodwink
acoustic confront confirm recite devout
exploit beauty beautiful deactivate accuse

Words have different stressed syllables. It can be the first syllable, the second syllable, any syllable in the middle, or the final syllable. So, here is a list of examples according to the stressed syllable.

1. Words with the Stress on First Syllable

Here are examples of words where we put stress on the first syllable to correctly pronounce them.

government question office power money
family country service area order
council interest person problem body
father management morning century air
language union paper quality cost
girl future movement city action
issue manager capital table moment
chairman basis record other series
chapter music theory structure reason
practice president study section subject
own local second possible major
certain likely special little national
large public difficult old social
right only able open human
personal middle early real long
middle ordinary famous nuclear western
soviet regional regular powerful technical
very suitable quiet ancient busy
corporate yellow valuable friendly sensitive
crucial roman communist massive comfortable

2. Words with Stress on Second Syllable

Following is the list of words where stress is put on the second syllable to pronounce it.

society idea experience decision approach
police community support result account
production example control position committee
research effect report authority award
computer security success performance agreement
material design activity technology employment
commission division provision discussion protection
proportion construction procedure assembly debate
opinion curriculum description consumer republic
impression location comparison resistance foundation
mistake alternative inquiry priority defendant
awareness regime intelligence convention minority
command consent abuse requirement defendant
identity recovery efficiency liability request
initiative career expression supply existence
review attack advantage solution relief
complexity diagnosis divorce pursuit tribunal
portfolio adviser receiver repair integrity
adventure attraction exclusion embarrassment apartment
imprisonment criterion compliance morality humanity

3. Words with Stress on Third Syllable

volunteer contradict override overlap overthrow
disregard underpin underlie disappoint overrun
intercept overwhelm disapprove recollect overdo
engineer disentangle overflow discontinue apprehend
resurrect contravene supersede rehabilitate intersect
disillusion referee overhaul disconnect acquiesce
disobey coalesce disbelieve intermediate overshadow
overpower disengage decompose disembark overstate
subdivide re-evaluate disallow recapitulate reminisce
overheat overstep disassociate reconnoitre interbreed
recompense disavow realign disembodied overwork
convalesce overlie interpose disinfect circumnavigate
excommunicate deconstruct decontrol interject disconcert
institutionalize appertain condescend disambiguate interweave
proposition disrespect disabuse dispossess operationalize
disenfranchise dislocate equilibrate countermand barricade
dehydrate overeat overweening overhang deselect
decompress satiate disassemble silhouette overwear
mountaineer overuse overbear disinter intermeddle
dematerialize souvenir misconceive reassume decontrolled

So, these were the stressed syllable example words. There are tonnes of words with stress in the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth syllable and so on. It is quite easy to identify once you pay attention to it.

Stressing the right part of a syllable is a way to bring attention to the word.

Unstressed Syllable Words List

As mentioned earlier, an unstressed syllable is the syllable which is not emphasized in the word. In poly-syllabic words, except the stressed syllable, all remaining syllables of a certain words are unstressed. But we can’t stress mono-syllabic words. We can only stress a syllable when it is more than one. A word basically has one stressed syllable and one or more unstressed syllables. So, let’s take a look at some unstressed syllable words.

bit bite Black blade blame
bland blank bleak blind block
blond blood blow blue blunt
board boast boat boil bold
bomb Bond bone Book boom
boost boot check cheek cheer
cheese cheque chest chief child
chip choice choose church cite
claim clash class clause Clay
clean clear clerk cliff climb
cling clock close cloth cloud
club clue dish disk DNA
DO dock dog door dose
doubt dour Down drab draft
drain draw dream dress drift
drink drive drop drown drug
drunk dry duck duke dull
dumb dump dust ear earl
earn Earth ease gain game
gang gap gas gasp gate
gaunt gay gaze gear gene
get ghost gift girl give
glad glance glass go goal
God gold golf good grab
grade grain grand Grant grasp
Grass grave great Green greet
Grey grim grin grip gross
ground group grow Key kick
Kid kill kind King kiss
kit knee knife knit knock
know lack lad lake lame
lamp Land lane large last
late laugh launch law lay
lead leaf league lean leap
learn lease leave left leg
lend length let Lie life
Light like limp line link
lip list live mud mum
myth nail name near neat
neck need nerve nest net
New Nice Night No nod
noise norm nose note nude
numb nurse posh Post pot
Pound pour praise pray press
Price pride priest prince print
prize prompt proof proud prove
pub pull pure push put
quaint queen queer quick quote
race raid rail rain raise
range rank rape rare rat
rate roast Rock rod role
roll roof room root rope
rose rough round route row
rub rude rule run Rush
sack sad safe sail sake
SALT Sand sane save say
scale scan scant scarce scene
scheme school scope score scratch
scream screen sea SEAL search
seat see seed seek seem
seize self sell send sense
serve set sex shade shake
shame shape share shed sheep
sheer sheet shelf shell shift
shine ship shirt shit shock
shoe shoot shop shore short
shot shout show shrewd shrill
shrug shut shy sick side
sigh sight sign silk Sin
sing sink Sir sit site
size skill skin skirt sky
slack slam sleek sleep slick
slide slight slim slip slope
slow small smart smash smell
smile smoke smooth smug snap
snide Snow snug soft soil
sole solve Son Song sore
sort soul sound sour source
South soy space spare sparse
speak speech speed spell spend
sphere spill spin Split spoil
spoilt sport spot spread spring
squad square squeeze staff stage
staid stairs stake stale stance
stand star stare start State
staunch stay steal steam steel
steep stem step stick stiff
still stir stock Stone stop
store storm stout straight strain
strange stream street strength stress
stretch strict strike string strip
stroke strong stuff style suck
Sue suit sum Sun sure
swear sweep Sweet Swift swim
swing switch sword tail take
tale talk tall tame tank
tap tape task taste taut

We hope that with this extended article you would be able to get the brief of stressed and unstressed syllable words.

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