50+ Adjective Words to Describe a Haunted House

Watching horror movies is really exciting. Just imagine, you are sitting with your family and friend, watching horror movies and having popcorns. Sound perfect. But when you actually come across any such thing, in reality, you become speechless. It will drain out all the energy and frighten you like hell.

When you try to explain that you came across some frightening thing or house or car, you fall short of the right words.

Adjective Words to Describe Haunted House

Following is a collection of adjectives that you can use for describing a haunted house:

Word Example
terrible The windows were all boarded up as if what was inside was too terrible to see.
horrible The house looked as if someone had tried to stop something horrible from getting out.
sinister Even in the daytime the house looked sinister.
dark The house was built of dark stone that had been stained darker in places by the rain.
broken The windows were broken and boarded up.
miserable Rain dripping down from the gutters made the place seem miserable.
gloomy The house looked grey and gloomy.
lifeless The house looked abandoned and lifeless.
haunted People said the house was haunted by the man who died there.
hidden A tall hedge kept the house hidden from view.
neglected A tall hedge and overgrown shrubs gave the garden a neglected appearance.
poisonous The house was poisonous and killed the leaves of the trees which touched its brick walls.
Spooky sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease.
Chilling Very scary. There was a chilling noise coming from the basement.
Dreadful Extremely bad – I had a dreadful time at the park.
Fearful Scary – A fearful ghost appeared through the wall.
Frightening Tim drew a frightening picture of a monster.
Ghastly Extremely bad – There had been a ghastly murder.
Gory Bloody or otherwise resembling gore – It was a gory crime scene, enough

to make you vomit.

Grim Very unpleasant – I had a grim feeling that we were being watched.
Gruesome Horrible or disgusting – Her gruesome hair had not been washed for

many  weeks

Hair-Raising Extremely scary enough to make your hair stand up
Horrible Extremely nasty – What a horrible story
Moonlit Illuminated by the moon – It was a moonlit graveyard, where they first


Mysterious Unknown – She had a mysterious backpack
Nightmarish Extremely horrible, of nightmares
Other-worldly Not of this world, unrecognizable – The otherworldly sounds continued

Outside the window.

Petrifying Scary enough to stop you from moving – The cat has a petrifying look in

Its eyes.

Repulsive Disgusting enough to make you turn away
Scary Frightening – There are a scary number of words for frightening things.
Scream Very loud, high-pitched shout – She screamed at the sight of the spider.
Shocking Extremely alarming and surprising, in a bad way – They got a shocking

result in their exams.

Supernatural Beyond natural, unexplainable forces – She had a supernatural knack of

guessing when anyone was lying

We give you a list of 50 more descriptive words to help you effectively write about a spooky house:

Alarming Terrifying Petrifying Hair-raising
Spine-chilling Blood-curdling Bone-chilling Horrifying
Frightening Creepy Nail-biting Gut-clencher
apparition enchanted ghostly ghoulish
haunted house haunting levitation occult
paranormal phantasm phantom poltergeist
possessed frightening specter spirit
unearthly wraith weird possession
uncanny mysterious eerie scary

Sample Description:

“Step into a haunted house steeped in chilling tales and spine-tingling mysteries. As creaky floors and eerie whispers accompany your journey, encounter ghostly apparitions and shadowy corners. With every step, a blend of haunting ambiance and hair-raising surprises creates an immersive experience, leaving an unforgettable, spine-chilling thrill for the bravest souls.”


Now you have a good collection of adjectives that can be used for describing a haunted house ( any haunted that you may come across). The words are available with meaning. You can choose the right words while describing your situation. 

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