Company’s vs Companies: Use in Sentence & Difference

We’ll be discussing two confused English word forms company’s and companies, and discuss their correct usage along with examples.

Company’s or Companies – Which one to Use?

Company’s and companies are generally confused because both are derived from the word company which means a commercial business.

Let’s see one example before starting. Why there is a confusion ?

Correct : There are 24 companies in my town.

Incorrect : There are 24 company’s in my town.

The use of these words depends on the context they are used in. Companies is plural form, while company’s is a possessive form of company and it represents something belonging to the company.

Now let’s discuss how to use these two words correctly.

How and When to Use Companies in Sentence

The word companies is the plural form of the word company, and it is usually used to represent more than one company.

5 examples of sentences using “companies” :

  1. I have worked for many companies.
  2. How many companies are in India ?
  3. Ekta has his own set of companies.
  4. Tata group owns many companies namely jaguar, tetly etc.
  5. There are more than 100 companies in Bangalore.

We have one more for word companies where apostrophe is added after s i.e companies’ which is used to express a possession.

Example :

1) Due to recession Companies’ shares have dropped.

2) Companies’ sales are increasing because of this festive season.

How and When to Use Company’s in Sentence

The word company’s represents something belonging to the company. Apostrophe before s shows the possession.

5 examples of sentences using “company’s”:

  1. The company’s share value went down.
  2. What is the company’s name ?
  3. The company’s turnover for last 5 years exceeds $100 million.
  4. The company’s worth has increased many folds in the last 4 years.
  5. I don’t like the company’s nature of dealing with it’s employees.

Let’s see how the word ‘company’ is also used in question sentences.

Correct : How is xyz company performing?

Correct : What is the company’s share value ?

Correct : Why the companies’ employees unsatisfied ?

Let’s look at a sentence using both companies and company’s together.

Example : Do you want to work for that company?, Yes I like that company’s environment it is better that other companies.

Now, You know the rules and where to use them. So your next task is to practice these words in both writing and speaking to understand their use. Till the time you master these words you can use this post as your reference.

How about sharing this ?, Let others also correct their mistakes.

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