Popular English Collocations with The Word – SPOT

The English language is such an amazing langue that you cant stops admiring it. The way words can be used and framed and once again re-framed. So to learn something new we bring a new concept of collocation.

You might be wondering as to what is this new thing? Some people might already be knowing about it. But we would move ahead to the definition of the word, help you understand what it is. Only then we would be exploring new things.

Collocation, in the corpus linguistics, means that it is an organized sequence of words or terms that co-occur more than once and also would be expected by chance.

As per the English dictionary, you would find that it is the habitual juxtaposition of a word of a specific word that is linked with another word and its frequency is greater than once.

So, once you have understood the meaning of the word we can easily move toward how these collocations can be used and explored with a different set of words.

SPOT – 3 Different Meanings and Their Definitions

You can see that the word SPOT has many different meanings in the English language. Can you list out some? Don’t worry we have done it for you. Here we have provided the different meanings of the word SPOT – 3 common definitions.

It is a noun, in the noun form the word “spot” is a mark that has a different color.

For example The animal, Leopard has spots in his body.

The second common form is again a noun. The word “spot” here is used to identify a location or place or area.

For example, The Dudh Sagar waterfall is a great spot of camping in summers or winters.

Now, the third common thing is, it can be used in the form of a verb. Once again we can see a different side of the word spot. It is an informal way of talking about seeing or detecting.

For example, Mayur was playing in the garden when he spotted an airplane in the sky.

Popular Collocation Phrases using Word – SPOT

Now moving ahead we would be focusing on the definition of the word “spot” which means place, location, or area. It can be a common thing or some word combination as well. You would come to know that learning about collocation would be a great way to help you explore the world of words and what changes take place when they are put together in a natural way.  This post will help you to know about collocations in a very quick, easy and fun way!

It might happen that you wish to say that a particular place is great for some purpose or some kind of work. You can say it by using different adjectives such as good, great, ideal, perfect spot.

  • If you are new to the city then you can opt to go to the new restaurant. It is a great spot for lunch and breakfast.
  • Parks are getting no attention these days. But they were great spots for the kids to play.

In case if you are looking forward to an emphasis on the accuracy of the specific spot, then you would need to talk about the exact or precise location.

  • We are in Panipat today and this is the exact spot where the battle took place years ago.
  • He was very upset and was ill the other day. This is the exact spot where the doctor used the injection.

Sometimes, the situations may occur when you are enjoying a place or sometimes when a lot of people are having fun at a place. With this word you can easily refer to some favorite or a popular place: For example:

  • I was just strolling through the market when I came across my favorite sitting spot.
  • The Eiffel Tower Of Paris was one of the popular tourist spots.

Conclusion: So, finally, we know how to make use of spot collocations in English conversations and Writing.



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