The Posh Queen’s English Accent – Speak like Royals

Whenever you think of Queen and kings what comes to your mind? The people who are royal, the way they walk and talk is very different from the rest of the public. Similarly, when you think of the British, the things that would come to your mind are sophistication, royal, and poise. Moreover, you could be associating them with the English movies to which they are accustomed.

We also tend to imagine impeccable men and well-manner ladies. The thing that we might forget is the posh accent and easily comprehensible Queen’s English. We just remember how the professors used to heavily enunciates all of his words.

But it is not the same when you step your first foot on the soil of the British. It would come as a shock to you and there would s feel that you are bombarded with all the different English accents which you might not even be familiar with. It might happen that these accents would not even be close to the British accent. These accents would be really confusing and not even sound like English.

This happens as the UK is considered to very rich in dialects and also numerous accents which have been shaped by the years of history.

4 Tips to Learn Posh Queen’s Accent and Speak Like Royal Family

Here in this post, we would help you in learning how a Queen speaks – The Royal way of speaking English. This English is often referred to as Queen’s English.

1. Be Ready To Listen And Then Copy:

The first and foremost step would be to listen to how the Queen speaks. The posh accent of English. And listening to the podcasts or audios for about two to three times, try to copy them word by word. You must pay close attention to the words and how they are pronounced. The way to can form the sentences. When you want to have confirmation then you need to check it with your friend. Asked them to verify whether you sound like them or not. Also, you can play it back to know that you are doing it right or not.


2. Learn the Proper Pronunciation & Enunciation:

You already know that pronunciation is the way you say the word and enunciation is the tone in which you say it and how clear you are while saying it. One must be very sure of all these things when they wish to speak like a Queen. If you wish to speak like The Queen, then it is very important to ensure that you are pronouncing the word correctly and speaking it clearly so that the words and sentences are comprehensible by others.

In the language Received Pronunciation, there are certain words that need more attention while pronouncing them. For example, you need to be careful about ‘R’, ‘U’ and ‘T’. In this way, you would have to make your vowels very strong and sound longer.


3. Learn The Posh Vocabulary Words & Their Sounds:

Dreaming to speak like a Queen is quite easy but doing it would take a lot of effort. This time you would have to start using different vocabulary. You need to start using the royal one. You will have to replace the words “I”, “Me” or “You” with the common words. These words would be sounding very elegant.


4. Final Tip: You Know it – Practice A Lot:

Yes, when you have known the pronunciation of the words, started using a good vocabulary, giving more emphasis on the vowels. Then the thing that is left is to practice and just practice. It will give you confidence that you be making any mistake while you are having a conversation next time.



With this Queen’s English accent you might impress a lot of people, especially those who know the significance of the language and the way it is delivered.

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