50+ Education Vocabulary Words in English

In this competitive world, we all know the value of education. Education is the process of gaining knowledge. It is an ornament that leads us to success. In order to move ahead with the society, education is very essential. It is said that life without education is a boat without rudder. It makes us both financially and socially independent.

At early stage parents start imagining their children as doctors, lawyers, teachers etc. this can be achieved through gaining education. The educated people are sophisticated.  The people who lack education are called illiterate.

Education helps in employment by providing the required skills. Without education we cannot operate new machines. A person that is highly educated will get a better job than a person who is less educated because qualification matters. Ways of communication is also improved by gaining education.

Let’s learn some of the common education related words for teachers and parents should know to help give students a better future.

Education Vocabulary Words List

Higher educationSecondary educationLiteracyCo-educationQualification
PaceHighly educatedKnowledgePrivate schoolingDiverse field of Education
Informal educationFinancialSocially independentInstitutionNon-profit
ScholarshipSchoolingUndergraduateFormal educationPremise
PreschoolGraduateValuableOnline EducationElementary Education

Education is needed to raise one’s standard of living; it teaches us how to live in a society. Government has opened free, non-profit schools for poor people so they can get education and become successful in life and raise the standard of living.

A gift of knowledge can help us reach our dreams. Education is imperative in today’s world and it is the foundation stone of our future life.

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