Comprehensive Listening Meaning with Examples

As in our previous blog, we stated that there are six different types of Listening which enables us to learn a language. Through this blog, we would be discussing “Comprehensive Listening and its Examples” to give you a better understanding. 

What is Comprehensive Listening?

In English, comprehensive listening is just the next step that is beyond discrimination between the different sound and sights and finally make sense out of it.

In simple words, Comprehensive listening will help you to comprehend the meaning and understand what is being said. While comprehending the meaning the initial step is to have a lexicon of words at the fingertips. Along with that, you must have a good knowledge of the rule of grammar, syntax, and guidelines.

It is also true for the visual components of communication where you can get an understanding of the entire body language. This helps the other person the actual meaning of the words or sentences used by the speaker. So comprehension listening is also called as content listening or informative listening or full listening.

In simple words, understanding the meaning of the message is comprehensive listening. It will make use of various analyses and evaluations that will interpret the message delivered by the speaker. To completely understand or comprehend the person, you need to expand your horizon. 

Examples of Comprehensive Listening in Daily Life

For instance, two-person are talking related to the stock market. But both the persons had different experiences in the stock market. One had always seen profit whereas other people had a bad experience of losses. Hence while giving advice to the third person both of them will use their past experiences as a parameter. One will say that it is good to invest in stock market whereas another person will say that it is not good to do so. 

Now, the third person has to comprehend that the advice given to him is based on their perspective and not very generalized.

Use your comprehensive listening skills to become an informative and attentive listener.

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