Indefinite Adjectives Examples in English

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So moving ahead we would be working on the Indefinite Adjectives. Let’s begin by taking small steps and knowing the definition.

What are Indefinite Adjectives?

Indefinite Adjectives function as regular adjectives that aim to modify the nouns and pronouns. But in this case, it is done in a very vague and non-specific manner. You might have observed that most of the adjectives provide a definite modification for the nouns. You can notice that it is indefinite adjectives.

With an indefinite adjective, you would get to know about the type of adjective that modifies nouns in a non-specific manner.

Let’s move ahead to check some of the examples of Indefinite Examples.

Your Bat: In this example, you would be using an adjective, “your” is used to explain which bat is the speaker referring to.

Some Bat: In such examples, you can use the indefinite adjective ‘some’ to refer to the bat. Here the speaker is not referring to any specific cat.

His bat: Sometimes indefinite adjectives might be confused with a possessive pronoun. In this example, the word ‘his’ is showing that the speaker is referring to his own bat. There is no ambiguity.

Any bat: With this example, you can use an indefinite adjective, the word ‘any’ is referring to a bat but it is not specifically saying which one. It is not mentioned which bat.

Examples of Indefinite Adjectives

Following is a list of indefinite adjective words:

  • Another: As Johnson had said, there was another mage riding a black stallion with a white blaze on his nose.
  • Any: But if past performance is any indication of Turner’s entrepreneurial expertise, they may be whistling in the dark.
  • Both: The marae welcomes both overnight visitors as well as those who come just for the concert and the hangi.
  • Each: If you think you’re tone-deaf, she teaches you to hear the differences between each instrument.
  • Either: Either way, guttural and gutter have been phonetically and semantically conflated.
  • Enough: I pitched my voice lower, but I was trailing far enough behind the group that they probably wouldn’t hear me anyway.
  • Few: A few years ago, the town enjoyed a nice boomlet, but since then times have been tough.
  • Neither: It discusses an organism that appears to be neither prokaryote nor eukaryote, but something in-between.
  • One: Interestingly, it’s Hopkins who gets one of the film’s few standout moments.
  • Other: The more striking graphics can be seen with the summoned titans, whose immense size dwarfs buildings and other units.
  • Many: Because many transient ischemic attacks are associated with permanent cerebral damage, a better label would be ministroke.
  • Most: Humans do not have the gift of prophecy, nor do we always have the most accurate knowledge.
  • Much: It was a tragic irony that he made himself sick by worrying so much about his health.
  • Several: Discrete levels of nasal pressure were set, and maximal airflows were measured for several breaths at each nasal pressure level.
  • Some: He has developed some kind of megalomania which makes him feel superior to others.

 Use this guide to get a good hold of Indefinite adjectives and learn how they are used. Make sure you Keep this for your future reference.

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